Here’s the Bengals Schedule And Prediction

The 2017-2018 NFL schedule is out and the NFL treats this like a national holiday. If you get amped up to see that schedule you were probably inspired by your 8th grade math teacher. It’s out though so let’s take a look at the Bengals 50th season.

Sitting here with Jesse and getting his prediction. Direct the hate tweets at that guy. Let’s get into it.

Week 1 Baltimore 

Prediction, win.

Week 2 Houston Thursday Night

Prediction, loss.

Week 3 at Green Bay 

Prediction, loss. Nantz and Romo on the call.

Week 4 at Cleveland

Prediction, loss. Cleveland is going to be better than us. For real.

Week 5 at Buffalo

Prediction, loss. Tyrod gonna run that ass.

Week 6 BYE 

Can’t lose if you aren’t playing.

Week 7 at Pittsburgh

Prediction, major L. Also Jesse’s birthday. Big Ben is back. Not retired yet because his dumb brain won’t let him. Likely will be injured.

Week 8 Indianapolis

Prediction, loss. Andrew Luck doesn’t need luck to beat the boys in Orange

Week 9 at Jacksonville

Prediction, loss. Blake Brotles can’t read but he’ll read the Bengals D all damn day.

Week 10 at Tennessee

Prediction, loss. Marcus Mariotta flew to the mainland from Hawaii. That doesn’t mean anything but the Bengals still lose.

Week 11 at Denver

Prediction, loss. They ain’t got a quarterback but they have a defense and we have no offensive line so Andy will die.

Week 12 Cleveland

Prediction, win. Back on track.

Week 13 Steelers 

Prediction, loss. Hahahaha

Week 14 Chicago

Prediction, win. Bengals eat giraffes.

Week 15 at Minnesota

Prediction, loss. Much like all those birds flying into the windows the Bengals will be hitting a wall too.

Week 16 Detroit

Prediction, loss. If a Tiger and a Lion fight the king of then sahara wins everytime.

Week 17 at Baltimore

Prediction, loss

Jesse has them going 3-13 so it’s going to be a great year with more great leadership coaching.


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