AAC Gives Mike Aresco An Extension To Continue Mediocrity

Orlando Sentinel– American Athletic Conference Board of Directors approved a new contract extension for commissioner Mike Aresco which stretches his tenure through June 2022.

“Mike Aresco has done an outstanding job of leading the American Athletic Conference through its early years and I am very happy that he will continue on with us,” Susan Herbst, President of the University of Connecticut and Chair of The American’s Board of Directors said in a statement. “Mike is a strong commissioner who is respected by the presidents and institutions within the Conference. It is important for The American to have excellent, consistent leadership and that is what Mike provides.”

Aresco took over as commissioner of the Big East Conference in 2012, guiding the league through an ugly divorce a few years later which saw the conference split into two separate entities: Big East and American Athletic Conference.

During his time in charge of the AAC, he’s helped rebuild the league with the addition of new membership including UCF, Tulane, Tulsa and most recently Wichita State in basketball.

“I am extremely proud of the progress that this Conference has made,” Aresco said. “Our presidents and athletic directors have made the commitment necessary for us to become a Power 6 conference and have, in a difficult environment, provided the vision and resources that have enabled our student-athletes and coaches to compete at the highest level. This conference has achieved a series of remarkable milestones in its relatively short existence, and the future is very promising. I deeply appreciate the confidence placed in me by our Board of Directors that is reflected in this extension, and I am proud and delighted to represent our conference as we embrace, with a collective determination and spirit, the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Jesus Christ.

Mike Aresco is going to be in our lives for another 5 years and which point they’ll give him a lifetime contract because he’s the king of the G5. He’ll never be able to leave. In 2022 after Cincinnati wins a basketball national championship and the football team crashes the playoffs and old ass Susan Herbst will award him with that. Meanwhile the rest of the conference goes to shit and Cincinnati is left as king of the G5 after the Big 12 dies and the P5 just moves down to P4.

Maybe It’s Not So Bad

In all seriousness Mike Aresco did fuck everything up. He did cost us the Big East along with ESPN who colluded with universities to leave in order to bolster the ACC but let’s not all get angry about that right now. Through the ashes though the American has risen to being a step below the P5. Which really isn’t the worst place to be unless you like money then it is the worst place to be. You’re capable of beating 90% of the P5 but only get $2.1M a year. That needs to change when the TV contracts are up for renewal.

Weirdly enough though the AAC is pretty stable. All the bastard children no one wanted have seemingly banned together to form a group out of The Warriors. Just running around begging anyone to come out and play so we can show the rest of the sporting world we’re actually good too. No one is trying to raid the AAC. If anyone leaves Cincinnati is going to be the one leaving so at the moment our destiny is essentially in our own hands. Not the worst place we could be.

They Forgot Navy

In the list of accomplishments which included the additions of UCF (Good), Tulane (not good, but academics), and Tulsa (yeah you forgot about Tulsa and so did Aresco), they failed to mention Navy is in the AAC as well. We forgot because well the Bearcats haven’t played the midshipmen yet.

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