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Who Are We?

Two self described idiots who started a Cincinnati sports blog.

Matt is a graduate of UC, took 5.5 years but you know. Generally the one that starts Twitter wars, pretty sure everyone in The Bailey at FCC games want’s to beat him up. Almost got hit with a bat at GABP once. Also banned from the Nippert press box (maybe?).

Jesse is at school at UC and will be graduating at the end of the year. He believes that this is the most dangerous blog in the city. Not sure what it means but fuck it, we’ll go with it. Generally the moral conscious of the blog. He’s the nice guy of this blog and will occasionally troll on twitter. Him alone has pissed off an entire state and that was Utah.

What’s With The Name?

Listen we’re not super in love with the name either but when you blow up your other writing gig and decide to go it on your own sometimes you just throw something together. Cincinnati is always the underdog, never getting any respect from the national media. Hell sometimes we don’t get respect in our own city. With all the bad shit that has happened to us, it feels like it’s Cincinnati vs. Everyone.

We Aren’t Winning Any Pulitzer’s

This isn’t the New York Times. We aren’t trying to be anything more than a sports blog. Things will be misspelled, sometimes a blog will run that turns out to be not true. It’s a miracle we’ve even got the blog online, stable and somehow got ads placed on it. We will break stories at times but we’re more commentary than anything.

Want To Send Us Stuff For A Shoutout?

We’re open to accepting free stuff for a shoutout on Twitter or in a blog/video. Shoot us an email using the form below and we’ll work something out. Same thing if you want to advertise with us just Click Here to go to the advertising page.


8 Responses

  1. Todd Showalter says:

    Love what you guys do!

    I have a friend in Cincinnati who has been contacted over the last few days by 3 different entities about FREE tickets for tomorrow’s FCC home soccer game.

    FCC is GIVING AWAY 60 tickets through his work place, 20 tickets through his daughter’s team, and 24 tickets through his son’s team!!!

    That’s ONE GUY with access to 104 FREE TICKETS!

    FCC claims to have 10-thousand season ticket holders. They should be thrilled with that. But are the additional 15-thousand “fans” they are going to claim tomorrow actually paying ANYTHING to go to the game???

    Based on the strategy behind the emails sent to my friend, the FCC front office is basically trying to find 150 people to give away 100 tickets each, and they will have their 25-thousand “supporters” in Nippert tomorrow to report.

    I know that most pro teams fudge their numbers a bit, but FCC is making a mockery out of the entire USL.

    They won’t ever get a MLS franchise due to their proximity to Columbus and their stadium situation, but I would like to think that Don Garber and the MLS league office see what is going on in Cincy this season for what it is: a true scam.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

  2. craig says:

    we want to work with cincinnatti vs. everyone –our business http://www.justrivals.com could not be a better fit –coney wars–skyline vs gold star

  3. Hunter A. says:

    I’m interested in writing for you guys, and you don’t even have to pay me. I have a lot of funny !@#$ to say about this city, and it might even piss some people off…..in a good way. Hope to hear from you guys.

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