Andy Dalton Is The Best Quarterback In AFC North



Yes, bold statement, not really, I know and I don’t care what you all think.

The AFC North division so far in the 2017 NFL season is pretty weak. The Pittsburgh Steelers, the team people had as their pick to represent for the AFC in the Super Bowl, look like trash. The Baltimore Ravens are nobody’s. The Cincinnati Bengals are the Cincinnati Bengals. The Cleveland Browns are just sorry.

So I raise you all this question whose the best signal caller in the division? Right now, its Andy Dalton.

Lets see the stats of the quarterbacks in the division, the Browns will not be included in this.

Dalton: 7 TDS, 6 INTs, 1,220 passing yards, QBRT: 87.5

Roethlisberger: 6TDS, 7 INTS, 1,269 passing yards, QBRT: 75.8

Flacco: 4TDs, 6INTS, 823 passing yards, QBRT: 71.0

Browns: N/A

After a horrible two games to begin the season, in his last three games under new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, Dalton has played really well and he’s been known to bounce back after stretches of bad games.

Dalton is the best quarterback in the division. Ben is declining and Flacco is just Flacco.

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