Another Year, Another John Calipari Complaint About Where His Kentucky Wildcats Are Playing

Perennial underachiever and coach on the hot seat John Calipari is upset once again where his team is playing at. The #5 Kentucky Wildcats will be playing their first round and maybe second round games in Boise, Idaho.

Calipari is upset his team has to travel to Boise to play. Realistically Calipari is upset whenever the Wildcats don’t get to play in Louisville or Nashville. If the Wildcats have to travel more than 200 miles the committee is against them, the state of Kentucky, his entire lineage and the entire country of Italy. No one likes Kentucky that’s why they always get the worst draws. You know, like that time Cincinnati had to play Kentucky in Louisville.

Naturally, ESPN had to get Calipari’s thoughts on Sunday night after the astonishingly bad Selection Show on CBS. Calipari was true to form dropping some of the dumbest lines of all time. He thinks it’s Kentucky vs. The World, everyone is out to get the Wildcats. Here are some of his quotes.

“It takes six hours to get there” John Calipari on getting to Boise. 

Does it John? Have you ever been on a plane or fired up google flights to find out? Because it takes 3 hours direct and the Wildcats will be flying direct. It’ll take your out of control fans 6 hours to get there but not you. Calipari acts like his team is taking a train of horse-pulled wagons out west like they’re part of the Donner party. Hanging out with the Donner’s sounds like a better time than spending an evening with BBN.

“I had to ask my guys, ‘How many of you know what state Boise is in?'” Calipari said.

So the Kentucky education system is actually worse than we thought. Your guys need to pay more attention, look up Google maps or watch college football. Everyone knows where Boise is, how the fuck do you not? Idaho potatoes and Boise State football, that’s what IDAHO DOES. I’d love to see what kind of tests Kentucky players are given they have to be fill in the blank papers like 3rd grade English class.

“Is ours like the toughest again?” Calipari asked, via SEC Country. “Like, by far? Is anyone in here surprised? We’re not playing on Thursday, right? Because we just got done playing today. We’re playing on Thursday? Oh, but we’re close?”

SHUT UP, JOHN. Holy shit come north and look at the regions Cincinnati has been in for the past eight years. Group of death every single time. You’re a 5 seed, and not a good one. You aren’t supposed to have an easy path. Calipari only wants to play NCCU every round until the Elite 8. Kentucky as a brand isn’t what it once was this year, lick your wounds and take it. Good luck with Arizona assuming you get past the first round after that extensive travel to Boise.

“Anchorage or Boise? It is what it is. They’re not going to make it easy for us, and they can all say, ‘This is all by the numbers and all that.’ Okay.”

More of this us against everyone bullshit. Dude has the #1 or 2 class every year, still, woe is me. No one feels bad for Kentucky, years of overseeding, preferential placement and knowing Calipari is cheating they finally get seeded where they belong. It’s the NCAA Tournament, it’s not supposed to be easy.

“I was just in the car and someone called me and said ‘You’re on murderer’s row again. They absolutely threw the hatchet at you.'”

IT’S THE FUCKING NCAA TOURNAMENT IT’S NOT EASY. The 68 best teams are here, well 64 plus St. Bonaventure, Oklahoma and Arizona State. But it’s still the best teams in the country, everyone is going to have a hard path. If only that hatchet wasn’t proverbial we wouldn’t have to hear his dreck anymore.

Let’s hope Davidson knocks off Kentucky in that 5/12 matchup. But then if that happens we’ll all have to hear those bracket losers say “I had that upset in my bracket.” Cool dude. Cool.

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