Attending The FC Cincinnati Game Last Night Was Awesome



Sheesh, that was one heck of a game, wasn’t it?

FC Cincinnati defeated the Chicago Fire of the MLS in penalty kicks on Wednesday night (3-1) at buzzing Nippert Stadium. The game was shown on ESPN. The whole nation saw the beauty of Nippert Stadium magic at night. Win, win.

So I was at the game, it was my first FC game of the season, I went to four last season. I’m not a soccer fan but anything good happens to the city then I’m cool with it. The pre game hype of the match was unbelievable. Clifton was packed with orange and blue. I was sitting at the General Admission section and when I got there roughly around 20 minutes before the game, it was already packed.  The Bailey was lit and whole stadium was as well.

The game started and the Fire had so many chances to score and had possession for pretty much the whole first half. I was just waiting for them to get a goal on Mitch Hildebrandt. That was going to happen on his watch last night. He was incredible. Everytime Chicago had a goal chance opportunity, Mitch was there to make the huge save and Nippert was going crazy with the “Mitch Says No” chant.

0-0 after the first 45 minutes, I’m thinking to myself that FC is in this game. Chicago kept pushing and Mitch kept making the unbelievable saves. FC had their chances in the second half and the refs were straight trippin on them. Missed a hand ball in the box during stoppage time, FC had the go ahead goal in the 108 minute but ruled that they were “off-sides.” Nippert exploded and I was yelling with the rest of the crazies but it got quiet when we realize that goal was disallowed. FC could have folded but they kept fighting and fighting.

Penalty kicks. I had a feeling before the game that the game will be decided on PKs. When FC missed the first chance, I was thinking well there it is. Then Mitch put his team on his back like he did all game and had three clutch saves during the session to lift his team in the quarterfinals of the US Open Cup and it was chaos in Cincinnati. It was lit and it was such a great night for the city. Clifton was full-out celebration that folks were passing out their mixtapes at gas stations because they know happy fans would peep a look at their hustle work.

I’m for MLS in Cincinnati. UC has done so many wonders for FC and they should be grateful for what they have given them. Nippert Stadium has been loud before this game last night. Some FC fans need to attend UC football games at night when the team is relevant and is on the big stage, that place gets real loud. Last night was loud and exciting don’t get me wrong.

Good for FC, good for the city and the University Cincinnati. All around incredible night at UC. Enjoy it!

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