Bearcats Fans, Meet Stu Feiner

January 18, 2018

Bearcats fans were introduced to the most electric person on Twitter Tuesday night. Stu Feiner tweeted out a short video of himself praising the Bearcats. Don’t you know Stu? Take a look; SCORING 15 FUCKING POINTS AT THE HALF, THE CINCINNATI BEARCATS REMEMBER HOW TO SCORE IN SECOND HALF AND BURY CENTRAL FLORIDA. COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME OF THE MONTH WINS, WINS FUCKING WINS. GOD I NEED TO SMOKE A JOINT,…


No Coach Could Do What Mick Cronin And His Bearcats Did Against UCF

January 16, 2018

Peel back the layers from Cincinnati basketball’s performance against UCF. What do you see? The outer layers show, first and foremost a win. Then only 9 turnovers, and a massive 11 point victory. Keep peeling. The #2 defense in the country versus the #3 defense in the country produced the exact game we all expected. A rock fight in its truest form. A pitchers duel with some excitement sprinkled in sparingly….


CvE First Weather Center: Winter Weather Driving Tips

If you watch/read the local news they will inevitably talk about driving in the snow. Naturally, their outcome is you will die or at the very least destroy your car because cars weren’t made to drive in snow. Read the manual on a Chevy Cruze sometime. Here’s the thing, driving in the snow isn’t that difficult, you won’t die if you’re responsible and you should absolutely do it. You live…

January 15, 2018

The Bengals Aren’t In The Super Bowl But There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Watch

January 12, 2018

Once again for the 30th straight year, the Cincinnati Bengals won’t be in the Super Bowl. It’s crazy to think that half of that time has been the Marvin Lewis era. Absurd. Obviously the Bengals aren’t going to Minneapolis, however, two teams are going to Minneapolis giving us plenty of reasons to still watch. Like can the upstart Jaguars take down the Steelers again this season? Will the force Ben…


No Coach Could Do What Chris Mack Did Against Villanova

January 11, 2018

Peel back the layers from Xavier basketball’s performance against Villanova. What do you see? The outer layers show, first and foremost show a competitive loss. Then 15 turnovers, and a close twenty-four-point margin of defeat. Keep peeling. Two starters – senior guard J.P. Macura and junior forward Kaiser Gates – combined for 8 points. And more peeling. A freshman Naji Marshall, the usual sixth-man for the Musketeers – played 26 minutes and filled in…


CvE First Weather Center: VERY IMPORTANT Update On This Weekend’s Snowstorm

January 10, 2018

People have been constantly calling the CvE First Weather Center Hotline (It’s a real thing) wanting to know what the forecast is going to be. Master Meteorologist Jesse Mapati has been on top of this storm from the start. He’s currently calling bullshit on the whole thing. It’s a product of the local news hype machine who gets a kickback from local stores after the shelves are raided. It’s not…


Check Out These Blatantly Racist Youth Basketball Jerseys In A Cincinnati Suburb

January 9, 2018

A basketball league in a Cincinnati suburb is in hot water over blatantly racists jerseys their 7-12th-grade team were wearing. Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball kicked the Kings team out of the league after players from the “Wet Dream Team” showed up with racial slurs on the backs of their jerseys. Kids were sporting jerseys with “knee grow” and “coon” on the back of them. Parents from the West Clermont team…


Even In The Final AP Top 25 UCF Still Got The Shaft

January 9, 2018

When the confetti stopped falling inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Dawgs fans stepped off the ledge Monday night the final AP Top 25 poll came out. As expected Alabama finished the season at #1, but not unanimous. Naturally undefeated UCF had to be #2. Oh, Georgia was, ok that makes sense they played in the National Championship game. They have to be #3, well Oklahoma is there. #4 isn’t a bad…


No Coach Could Do What Mick Cronin Did Against SMU

January 8, 2018

Peel back the layers from Cincinnati basketball’s performance against SMU. What do you see? The outer layers show, first and foremost a win. Then only 11 turnovers, and a massive 20 point victory. Keep peeling. Cane Broome finally back from his ankle injury and completely changed the dynamic of the offense. And more peeling. Starter Jarron Cumberland broke out of his slump and scored 14 points in 33 minutes with 4…


TV Teddy, Ref Ted Valentine Contemplating Retirement Because Everyone Is Talking About Him

January 7, 2018

TV Teddy is about to call it a career for the most ironic reason ever. People are talking about him too much. “I’m thinking about retiring,”Ted Valentine said. “I’ve had enough of people blowing up stuff. I think I’ve had a stellar career, and I think it’s time to get ready to walk away.” Uh, Ted, YOU MADE IT ABOUT YOURSELF. YOU BLEW THIS UP INTO SOMETHING YOU INSUFFERABLE FOOL….