Baker Mayfield Isn’t The Hero We Deserve But The Hero We Needed

Saturday Night the Oklahoma Sooners went into Columbus and knocked the Buckeyes dicks in the dirt. A 31-16 win in Columbus is something that doesn’t normally happen. Generally, because the Buckeyes never play a competitive out of conference opponent at home. It had been 7 years since the Buckeyes hosted a ranked out of conference opponent. Baker Mayfield and the Sooners ensured the Buckeyes will never schedule a tough home game again.

Saturday night after their win the Sooners band came out onto the field to play their alma mater to the fans left in the stands. When Ohio State won in Norman last season the Buckeyes band went on the field, pretty disrespectful. Oklahoma saw their change, eye for an eye, right? The band went on the field and Baker Mayfield killed the Buckeye spirit.

A flag staking for the century, Mayfield thrust that flag into the surface with the spirit of Leonidas behind him. A stake through the heart of the Buckeyes, a lasting image for all of us who loathe the Buckeyes, the fans and everything they represent. For that, Baker Mayfield is an honorary Cincinnatian and welcome to come drink in this city any day of the week.

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