Baylor Deserves The Death Penalty But The Cowardly NCAA Won’t Do It

Absolutely heinous acts were committed by the Baylor football team. There is no doubting the validity of the claims anymore since literally everyone has come forth with details on what happened. Nothing I’m going to say here is going to make a difference or be anything that people haven’t already said or thought.

Give Baylor The Death Penalty And Never Look Back

The NCAA has given out exactly one death penalty in the history of their existence. SMU received that death penalty due to the fact they paid players. Bought some Firebirds, bought someone’s mom a new double wide trailer and other stuff. Pretty minuscule stuff that Saban and Calipari get away with on a yearly basis. What happened at Baylor is a legitimate crime. People get 20 year sentences for what happened at Baylor.

Covering up gang rapes, drugging girls and dog fighting should result in steep penalties. The fact the NCAA hasn’t acted year is pretty disgusting. Baylor deserves to die, no one should have to travel to Waco and visit that campus for any sporting event ever again. The people at Baylor don’t deserve any sort of happiness. They don’t deserve any sort of success on a national level. And people need to go to jail.

Give them the death penalty and never look back. Baylor should die, they should cease to exist.

They shouldn’t be given a second life. In fact they should have stomped into the grave, pissed on and left in an unmarked tomb. For this to happen and know one “know about it” is a complete and utter lie. Teenagers and college kids can’t keep secrets. They’re the biggest group of babbling idiots on the planet. Especially football players at Baylor who have the combine IQ of an oak tree. Art Briles knew about this, everyone knew about this and the did nothing.

The NCAA Will Do Nothing

Baylor doesn’t deserve to be in the Big 12, they don’t deserve their media rights even if they are getting a reduced amount. The Big 12 doesn’t care that they did this which is pretty much par for the course of incompetence they play on. The NCAA did nothing to Penn State after they covered up child rapes. Took some scholarships and banned them from post season play. Really showed them.

When it comes to Baylor again the NCAA will do nothing. The NCAA in all honesty doesn’t care about women. This is a minor inconvenience for them that they hope goes away. Let the courts decide it but don’t drag the NCAA into it. They allowed this to happen and they’ll allow it to happen again. It’s a pathetic display of leadership on their part. When a school should be shut down they will instead put them in a rehabilitation program like a frequent flyer alcoholic that shows up in the ER after his 74th tumble down the stairs.

Kill The Big 12

The Big 12 could have done something to Baylor. They could have revoked their membership and made it clear they condone this lack of institutional awareness. Instead of kicking them out they just withheld some of their media money. Oh you really showed them Bob Bowlsby, you’re a bad man.

Within a couple of years the Big 12 is going to die, cease to exist, be an after thought our kids will only know of thanks to wikipedia. Their members that actually worth something will be in other, better conferences and the college landscape will benefit from it.

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