@BearcatsRadio Wins Twitter Over Michigan Fans, Not Even Close

Good gosh. Michigan fans are probably the worst fan base in College Football on Twitter.

Our friends over at BearcatsSportsRadio wrote a very awesome piece on the game Saturday when the Cincinnati Bearcats football travel to Ann Arbor to take on the 8th ranked Michigan Wolverines (Noon on ABC). On the blog it says that UC will beat Michigan and I firmly believe they will.

But those butt hurt Michigan fans on twitter took exception to the blog and were very sensitive. First of all lets clear this up, our boy Brian Fox who is the owner of the blog, DID NOT WRITE THE BLOG, it was one of his writers who wrote it and it was his first time writing a piece for it! It went viral, KDOT where ya at?

Here’s what Mr. Fox posted on his twitter the funniest comments by the dumb and perplex Michigan fans:

Bearcatradio win twitter for the week and Michigan is the biggest losers. My gosh, I can see why Ohio State fans hate Michigan fans. I’m beginning to see the light where OSU fans are not bad on twitter and Michigan is even worse. We are always on Michigan’s side because we hate Ohio State, I think we are still are but I’m beginning to questioned even that.

Yo @bearcatsradio, care to come on the podcast and discuss this big W by y’all and how UC will beat Michigan on Saturday? Hit us up! You the real MVP!

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