Bengals George Iloka Recreates R.Kelly Video To Propose To Girlfriend

First things first, the production quality on that video was amazing. Did they hire Spike Jonze to shoot this in 4k?

Second, great idea but not many people can pull that off. No way you or I could lip sync an R.Kelly song and our girlfriends would think it was romantic. Not a chance in hell. George Iloka can do it though because George Iloka has the confidence an NFL player should have. Imagine having that much confidence in anything you do? Wonder what the rest of the Bengals think of this.

Is R.Kelly the guy you really want your future life to equate to your proposal? If she’s into getting peed on then for sure. If she’s not then maybe R.Kelly isn’t for you. Except everyone can get down with the remix to Ignition, I’m on the fence. Feel lit out before you do this because it could back fire in your face. Honestly feel out if your girl wants you to do it the old fashioned way and go down on one knee where you first met or some shit like that. Make her hike a 14,000 foot mountain, if she’s that committed to the cause then you have to marry her.

She said yes by the way. These two might just make it. Congrats on the sex.

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