Big Time Bearcats Football Recruiting News

Luke Fickell has done it again! That guy has been killing it with local recruits. He’s kicked in the doors that local high schools boarded up when Tuberville came around like a devastating hurricane was coming. Instead of destroying buildings though he was destroying their collegiate careers and dreams of winning.

This is some big time Bearcats football recruiting news though. Have you checked the recruiting sites? Doubt they even have it, 247, Recruits, ESPN, BCJ. All missed out on this one. Some big time information regarding the 2018 recruiting class for the Bearcats.


Novel idea no one seems to have thought of. Instead everyone has resorted to reading crystal ball predictions from guys maybe in the know. They read blog posts and Twitter updates from people maybe in the know. They listen to podcasts and watch interviews with these kids because every 17 or 18 year old is completely and wholeheartedly honest. None of them say things for the attention. Nope.

Blogs don’t post blogs about recruits hoping that recruit sees it and retweets it, gets them some clicks and follows. Nope. These blogs KNOW, they know what these kids are thinking. In reality these kids have no idea what they’re thinking. Everyone is sucking their dick, they have more things bouncing around in their head than a white by named Tanner on an acid trip.

You can read all the rumors. You can listen to all the interviews. You can pay for the most premium of premium content. You still have no idea what these kids are going to do until they actually announce it. Reading about it is cool but at some point it just becomes made up gossip that gives everyone false hope.

“But Matt, we can know when a coach makes some progress with a recruit. That’s good right?” Sure why not. It’s still words though and recruits will generally say anything to make a coach or a fan base happy.

If you made it this far, nothing has changed with Bearcats recruiting. No big names committed or anything like that so don’t furiously search Twitter like a maniac.

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