Bob Bowlsby Says No Big 12 Expansion Candidate’s “Would Move The Needle”

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is by all accounts an utter moron of a man. He furthered proved that on Friday when speaking about the future of the Big 12 and the convoluted disaster that was Big 12 expansion last summer. Bowlsby is the captain of a sinking ship he just refuses to believe he’s taking on water. One night he’ll go to bed and the next morning he’ll wake up with Iowa State and Texas Tech left while having no idea how it happened.

That brings us to Bowlsby speaking about the expansion process last year that dragged on longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. By the end of it 17 schools thought they were getting into the Big 12 and the whole time the Big 12 sat around and tugged their puds to all the exposure.

“There weren’t any possible additions to the conference who would move the needle.” Listen Bobby the only thing that moved the needle for Cincinnati and Houston was the money. Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, they don’t move the needle for us either. Cincinnati and Houston would be huge additions to the Big 12. Additions that would immediately come in and compete for the a Top 4 spot in the conference. Playing those four schools is like playing in the AAC. No one cares about them. Texas and Oklahoma are the only thing keeping the Big 12 afloat.

You were the one controlling the whole process. Jesus christ this man is delusional two ways from Sunday. Bob Bowlsby is mentally unhealthy, everything is about him and nothing is ever his fault. He’s the Dean in Community when the paintball war encapsulates the school and he can’t understand why. No one will get that reference but it’s a damn good reference. It didn’t have to be a sweepstakes. He could have invited 5 schools and called it a day. Instead people like Northern Illinois were making presentations. No offense to the fine people of UNI but they aren’t P5 material.

Hopefully the Big 12 dies and they die soon. The AAC will move into their P5 spot and Cincinnati will actually be sitting pretty for the first time in a decade.

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