Bommer Esiason Says He’s Heard Marvin Lewis Will Retire

We’ve all heard the rumors before, Marvin Lewis won’t be back next year. Then every year since 2003 he has been back. Last season we all heard rumors that Marvin was going to be fired or forced to retire. Only to have Mike Brown piss in our faces and laugh. Marvin came back for the 2017 season.

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback and dad to a smoke show daughter, Boomer Esiason fueled the speculation fire this week. Following the Bengals embarrassing loss in Week 1, Boomer was on Showtime’s “Inside The NFL” talking about the future of his former team and more specifically the future of Marvin Lewis.

“Marvin Lewis, last year of his contract, he may retire at the end of the year,” Esiason said. “Very few coaches go into the final year of their contract. It would only be if Marvin retired. I’ve heard rumblings about that. I don’t want to speak for Marvin, but I think that’s one of the reasons you would go into a season without a contract extension.”

It is weird for Marvin to go into a season without an extension. Mike Brown always gave Marvin an extension so he wouldn’t be in a lame duck season. Not that it ever helped but apparently Marvin hated coaching not knowing if he would be retained for the next season. Which I mean we all want to know what our future is but if you suck at your job you shouldn’t have security.

Bommer might just be speaking out of his ass but to have two big rumors regarding Marvin at the end of last year and the start of this year might lead to some credence this is a thing. Maybe if we make enough rumors we’ll convince Mike Brown that Marvin isn’t the coach anymore and he’ll just hire someone new.

Mike Brown is going to die and they’re just going to Weekend At Bernie’s this shit and keep him in the office. There’s no hope.

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