Bronson Arroyo Hit In The Face By A Throw

Bronson Arroyo was hit in the face as Mesoraco attempted the throw to second from his knees. Not the most ideal way to exit the game and certainly not where Mesoraco was aiming, presumably. This isn’t a great look for the Reds who are already a bit of a laugh among the clubhouses in MLB. Now we’re hitting our pitchers who could be the dad of some of the guys on the team in the face.

Quick look at Reds pitchers;

Homer Bailey, lost his arm. Put out a wanted poster, find a donor, do something.

Disco, elbow doesn’t work. People forget the elbow is a vital part of pitching.

Straily, traded him for some chiclets.

Arroyo, hit in the face by a throw to get the runner at second.

I’ve never seen the Keystone Cops but my understanding is they had no clue what the hell they were doing. That’s the Reds like 94% of the time it seems like.

Opening Day Rotation

Uhhhhh hang on let me look at the roster.


This is in no particular order. Arroyo, Reed, Garret, Finnegan, maybe Stephenson? Probably not, still need him to develop. SIX YEARS AFTER BEING IN THE MINORS. Shit scratch Stephenson or Garret and put Adelman in there. No offense to Timmy but, damn.

Stop hitting players in the face please. Looking to win 72 this year.

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