Bryan Price Thinks Millennials Are Soft

Shocker of the day, Bryan Price has a sense of humor. Not what any of us were expecting but you have to assume a guy that drop 77 versions of “fuck” in a tirade he has to has a sense of humor. He takes aim at the young guys, the millennials if you will on the team.

He compares them to his kid, ask your kid and question and all of a sudden that becomes you yelling at them. Simple question, flipped into them thinking you were criticizing them. Kids are pretty soft these days, Bryan can’t even shake them down a little. Shake a kid down in the dugout and you might ruin their career.

In comes Joey Votto like a buff Ted Williams hitting Superman to save the day. Whether he likes it or not he’s the old guy on this team now. Old guys are automatically the leader, same way you ask your dad questions because he knows everything. That’s how these young guys will view Votto, best hitter in the game, handles situations well, cold blooded, and now he has to guide a team of young guys. Bryan says he does a good job of talking to the young guys in a nice way, a better way than Bryan does. If it works, then so be.

This is a really young Reds team, the rebuild is done and it’s time to build now. They won’t win the World Series this year, likely won’t make the postseason but winning 75 games is definitely doable. No chance this team comes close to 100 losses, if that was going to happen it would have been last year.

Opening day is a month and a half away, get ready.

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