CvE First Weather Center: Winter Weather Driving Tips

If you watch/read the local news they will inevitably talk about driving in the snow. Naturally, their outcome is you will die or at the very least destroy your car because cars weren’t made to drive in snow. Read the manual on a Chevy Cruze sometime. Here’s the thing, driving in the snow isn’t that difficult, you won’t die if you’re responsible and you should absolutely do it. You live…

January 15, 2018

Check Out These Blatantly Racist Youth Basketball Jerseys In A Cincinnati Suburb

January 9, 2018

A basketball league in a Cincinnati suburb is in hot water over blatantly racists jerseys their 7-12th-grade team were wearing. Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball kicked the Kings team out of the league after players from the “Wet Dream Team” showed up with racial slurs on the backs of their jerseys. Kids were sporting jerseys with “knee grow” and “coon” on the back of them. Parents from the West Clermont team…


Reaction to The Bengals Hiring Teryl Austin

January 8, 2018

The Bengals officially announced today that they have hired Teryl Austin as their new defensive coordinator. Now a lot of you may just think that all we do is hate on the Bengals and that we are complete nihilists regarding the organization, but I would much rather right positive articles than negative. However, with the Bengals latest hire its hard to see a light at the end of this long…


Jeff Ruby Weighed In On Marshawn Lynch, Let’s See What He Had To Say

November 20, 2017

  Ole Jeff Ruby strikes me as the litigious type, so I’ll say this is all my opinion.  That’s going to go over super well. Jeff Ruby is very Trump-esque in his demeanor and way he carries himself. Sure he has successful businesses but he carries himself in a way where you question the validity of his lifestyle claims. Ruby decided to chime in on Marshawn Lynch’s protest in Mexico…


Forget About Wahlburgers, Cincinnati Has Way Better Burgers

August 30, 2017

Get ready, Cincinnati! 🍔🍟 #Wahlburgers — Mark Wahlberg (@mark_wahlberg) August 29, 2017 Marky Mark Wahlberg announced on Twitter Tuesday that he would be opening a Wahlburger in Cincinnati. It’ll be at the corner of 6th and Main downtown, save a click and don’t click on WCPO. Fantastic news if you’re into celebrity owned restaurants that are a little over hyped. Other than that it’s just another chain, this isn’t…


What Food Does Your State Hate? Let’s Break It Down

August 23, 2017

What food does your state hate? The question you didn’t know you want answered but now you want to know what all 50 states hate and you want to know it now. the eclipse is gone, it’ll be back in 2024 so you might as well kill some time with nonsense. The things some of these states hate is downright criminal. The Geneva Convention should not stand for some of…


Are You A Nudist In Cincinnati? Well You’re Screwed

August 22, 2017

A Cincinnati-area nudist resort has been sold to a developer. Paradise Gardens, a 34-acre nudist resort located in Colerain Township, will close. Ron Coleman, president of the resort, said they closed on a deal with a developer on Friday, and the resort is no longer open to visitors. Coleman said he is unsure what the developers plan to do with the wooded property. In a note on its Facebook page,…


CvE Recipes: Make Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 18, 2017

A few weeks ago we were hacked, well we hacked ourselves. When that happened the website started to auto tweet demo content from the theme we were using. The demo content happened to be a lot of lifestyle and home tips. People responded very well to the turkey thawing blog and the fluffier cookie blog. Said it was our best work ever, which they weren’t wrong about. Those are much…


Adventure Time: Matt’s Buying A House Like An IDIOT

August 17, 2017

When we got hacked a few weeks back the blog was giving you lifestyle and home tips. Today we tackle buying a home. Sometimes in life you get older and your brain tells you to do a few stupid things. Get married, have a kid, buy a house. Thank the good lord above my brain detests the first two at the moment but has convinced itself that it’s time to…


Someone Got Stabbed At The Cincinnati Zoo, So No Place Is Safe Now

July 29, 2017

CINCINNATI — Someone was stabbed at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday afternoon, according to Michelle Curley, communications director. Officials taped off a large area near the gift shop and the train station. No other information was immediately available. Is no place sacred anymore? You want to go look at a cute baby hippo and some god damn peacocks and all of a sudden you have a switchblade in your stomach thinking…