CvE Recipes: Make Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies

August 18, 2017

A few weeks ago we were hacked, well we hacked ourselves. When that happened the website started to auto tweet demo content from the theme we were using. The demo content happened to be a lot of lifestyle and home tips. People responded very well to the turkey thawing blog and the fluffier cookie blog. Said it was our best work ever, which they weren’t wrong about. Those are much…


Adventure Time: Matt’s Buying A House Like An IDIOT

August 17, 2017

When we got hacked a few weeks back the blog was giving you lifestyle and home tips. Today we tackle buying a home. Sometimes in life you get older and your brain tells you to do a few stupid things. Get married, have a kid, buy a house. Thank the good lord above my brain detests the first two at the moment but has convinced itself that it’s time to…


Someone Got Stabbed At The Cincinnati Zoo, So No Place Is Safe Now

July 29, 2017

CINCINNATI — Someone was stabbed at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday afternoon, according to Michelle Curley, communications director. Officials taped off a large area near the gift shop and the train station. No other information was immediately available. Is no place sacred anymore? You want to go look at a cute baby hippo and some god damn peacocks and all of a sudden you have a switchblade in your stomach thinking…


US Bank Arena’s Owner Wants The Public To Decide Arena’s Future

July 14, 2017

Cincinnati– Ray Harris, COO of Nederlander Entertainment, which owns and operates the arena, said Thursday in a sit-down interview with The Enquirer that the $370 million rebuild would tear the current structure down to the existing pad and take two years. It could bring events such as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to the city. The proposal, however, met with immediate skepticism from officials whose support would be critical to making it a reality….


You Have To Spend A Night In The Infield Of A NASCAR Race

July 9, 2017

Saturday night the fine people at Kentucky Speedway were kind enough to give the blog some press passes. Unfortunately those passes were only “cold” passes and didn’t let us get on pit lane so instead of watching the race from the stuffy media center like big J journalists we decided to be a common man and watch it the only a red blooded American should. In the infield. Backstory we…

Read More >> Coming In Hot With Some News About Your Grandma

July 5, 2017

Day after the Fourth of July and is coming in hot with a featured story. Most of America is waking up hungover, sore, tired and dreading the idea of even going to the office. Not over at The Enquirer though, they went into the newsroom and decided to fire off the most disgusting story of the year so far. “Yes, your grandmother is having sex” What the hell man….


Do You Recognize These Guys Who Allegedly Hit People At Cincy Pride?

June 26, 2017

The blog over here just doing the work of crime stoppers. Last time we brought you a maybe racist bar who has ensured us they are in fact not racist. Today we’re man hunting two dudes who hit a girl in the face for celebrating the Cincy Pride parade and festival this weekend. Some people still can’t accept the fact that gay people exist and are genuinely happy people. Just…


Website Calls Cincinnati One Of The Worst Cities To Live In

June 26, 2017

24/7 Wall Street– Cincinnati is a relatively dangerous city. There were 925 violent crimes for every 100,000 city residents in 2015, more than double the national violent crime rate of 373 incidents per 100,000 Americans. Experts partially attribute the city’s crime problem to the availability of guns — which are often available on the streets for less than $100 — as well as a shortage of drugs, which is sparking turf…


A Blimp Crashed At The US Open! A Blimp Crashed On Video!

June 15, 2017

#USOpen blimp going down on fire. — Aaron Dressnandt (@AaronDrez) June 15, 2017 Just got to the #USOpen and the blimp caught fire and crashed. People parachuted out. — madison seigworth (@msiggyy) June 15, 2017 The blimp that fell out of the sky at the U.S. Open just moments ago. @tmj4 — Connor Clark™ (@the_flyin_clark) June 15, 2017 The US Open started today at Erin Hills in…


Chris Mack Puts His House Up For Sale, Is He Going To Ohio State?

June 6, 2017

Chill out before y’all freak out, this is just speculation and he’s probably not going to leave. Xavier Men’s Basketball coach Chris Mack’s home in Crestview Hills in Kentucky is up for sale. This means probably absolutely nothing or it could be something. Ohio State fired Thad Matt, former X coach on Monday so isn’t ironic if Mack goes to OSU? But in all seriousness, Mack should stay in X…