Check Out These Blatantly Racist Youth Basketball Jerseys In A Cincinnati Suburb

A basketball league in a Cincinnati suburb is in hot water over blatantly racists jerseys their 7-12th-grade team were wearing.

Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball kicked the Kings team out of the league after players from the “Wet Dream Team” showed up with racial slurs on the backs of their jerseys.

Kids were sporting jerseys with “knee grow” and “coon” on the back of them. Parents from the West Clermont team were rightfully pissed off. After halftime, a ref ended the game and the league took the action to kick the Kings team out.

The coach of the Kings team apologized and in a bizarre move said the team offered to cover the names up but said the league decided they had to leave. As if covering up racism makes everyone forget.

Here Is How You Know This Was Wrong


West Clermont is out on the east side of the city contrary to its name. Located in Batavia outside of the 275 loop it isn’t the most diverse community in the world. And those parents thought it was still racist.

Kings as a school district is lily white. Just white people as far as you can see, all the diversity is next door in Mason. Kings is a lot like Batavia, farms, rednecks, and not many people of color. Even Clermont knows “knee grow” and “coon” is uber racist.

We Need To Talk About This League

The coach is a grade A asshole for even thinking these names were funny/acceptable. “Wet Dream Team” is a team name 7th-12th graders would think is funny but someone has to be the adult here. What did the parents of this Kings team think that meant? Just a bunch of bed wetters on the team trying to sleep with rubber sheets and bonding over their disability?

The parents are at fault too. You show up and let Brently wear a “knee grow” jersey and think he just wants to get taller? You have to be the dumbest fuck out there.

Then there is the league. How the hell did these kids get to wear these for three weeks before someone came out and said this was wrong? Who the hell did they play the first two weeks? Hamilton and Blanchester? For fuck’s sake man. You have to be more observant in 2017/18. Something this blatant is not by accident.

Listen I like a good joke as much as anyone. Having kids run around in jerseys with racial slurs on them isn’t a joke. Being a racist is fucked up, don’t download your stupid racist manifesto into these kids brains. Let them be free thinkers, void of their parents/coaches racist thoughts.

Ps the news blurring our Coon is so pathetic.

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