Chris Mack Has Zero Control Of His Team And That’s A Problem

Once again Chris Mack proved that he may be able to coach in the regular season but he lacks control of his players. All around dirtbag JP Macura got into it with Bearcats Head Coach Mick Cronin. After the game, the two exchanged words after Macura once again, could not control himself.

Macura apparently told Cronin to “fuck off” no less than three times and possibly told him to “suck his dick” as well. JP is known to flaunt his less than impressive penis so it’s no surprise he dropped that line. Here is what happened after the game and the handshake line;

Macura told Cronin to “fuck off” again and Cronin decided to say something. If Chris Mack refuses to control his players and instill values in them, Cronin is willing to help out. Mick just wanted to tell Macura to act right, not a big deal. Especially when a kid with a glory hole mouth continues to spout off after not really even showing up in the game.

Cronin wants this to be a good rivalry. Cincinnati has moved on from the fight in 2011 that Xavier started thanks in part to Mack’s refusal to control his players again. Meanwhile, Mack and Xavier want this to be a contentious rivalry, they want to start another fight. If Mack wanted this to be a civil rivalry he would control his players, he refuses to do just that. If he continues to stick his head in the sand and ignore this people are going to get hurt. Maybe that’s what they want, but most people don’t. Cincinnati doesn’t want to make a grown man bleed again. Mack apparently doesn’t care.

Hats off to Cronin for doing the right thing. Macura is literal human trash, the lowest of low class. A despicable excuse for a human who is mediocre at basketball. His career ends after this year which is a damn shame. Him coming into a renovated 5/3 Arena would have been nice. It’s probably better that he won’t though, at least he’ll be making money at the T/A on I-80 in Nebraska as he sucks strange cock.

This rivalry is losing its fun factor. It’s turned into a hatred, vile, filled game that does more talking off the court than on the court. People say some horrific things and they mean it. Mack and Xavier can change that if they get their fans in line, if not then break out the ice bags and stitches. The lack of civility is astonishing.

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4 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    What a joke of an article. Mick started it when he got his technical. Then he didn’t shake hands. He was a sore loser and when a college kid talks trash mick(an adult even if a tiny one) tries to start a fight. UC fans are delusional

  2. R g says:

    Mick is the biggest man child in CBB. He needs to worry about coaching his team not crying about every call. Macura tells him to F off and he, as a grown man, can’t take it. The refs tell him to F off with a tech, Mack tells him to F off with his press conf shade. Muck will have to cry himself to sleep tonight because no one respects him.

  3. Fuck Cronin says:

    Most delusional post I’ve ever seen. Grow up. You’re saying the rivalry is full of hatred and vileness and you’re talking about a 22 year olds penis? Heres a idea…take the L, move on and bend over and bring some lube for the game against Florida

  4. Robert Morris says:

    Xavier is ostensibly a catholic school yet they play players who get arrested, use foul language routinely and start brawls on occasion with no repercussions at all. Its all about winning with no thought to proper sportsmanship. But who can be surprised? Their coach never does anything about their childish acts, their ffans use the same f bombs about once every second, as well as “suck this” etc. For a university supposedly founded on Christian teachings, X is about as far away as you can get based on the example of their thuggish bball team

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