Chris Mack & Father Graham Owe Mick Cronin’s Family An Apology

Imagine your mother died of cancer a decade ago. It’s something that stays with you forever. The memories you have together are invaluable, the things she taught you are undeniable.

Now imagine your mother being used as a joke in a basketball rivalry. Not only her but the fact she passed away as well.

It’s now Monday morning a little over 48 hours after most people saw the now infamous Xavier banner mocking Mick Cronin’s mother. 48 hours have passed and no one from Xavier has denounced the actions of their students. Chris Mack and Father Graham have stayed completely silent on the issue. Like every major issue, the school fails to condemn the actions of their students and hides behind the veil of being Catholic.

Mick Cronin’s mother passed away in 2005 from bone cancer. It doesn’t take a degree in literary science to understand how offensive and disgusting that attempt at trash talking is for his family. Having spoken to people close to the Cronin family they are livid with the fact Xavier has attempted to sweep this under the rug and not issue an apology or reprimand these students. A simple apology is all they want, nothing major, nothing extravagant, a “We’re sorry” will suffice.

Meanwhile in Norwood, crickets.

Father Graham has a history of being lenient on punishment. Following the brawl, he and Mack hardly wanted to punish their players who started the fight. He has overseen a program with multiple players being arrested or having run in’s with the police. Each time they were given a laughable punishment. They have covered up sexual assaults, they refused to condemn the actions of their students everytime they mess up, and they mishandle every incident they are given. Each time they remain silent. As a private school, they can do what they want which is their prerogative. Being a Catholic institution you would like to believe they live by what they preach.

An apology isn’t about the rivalry, your personal feelings or anything else. It’s about being a decent person and a decent institution. Doing what is right isn’t a difficult task. Would you want your mother to be the butt of trash talking? Cancer is a cruel disease, to be mocked by 18-year-oldĀ college students is disgraceful. Hopefully, those Xavier students never have to deal with their parents having cancer.

Chris Mack and Father Graham need to do what is right. Apologize for what your students did. Don’t let this rivalry lose the little civility it has left. Things got out of hands this year on Xavier’s front. Ensure you take some of the venom out of this rivalry. Cincinnati will never stoop to this level but if our students did you can bet Mick and President Pinto would apologize.

What Can You Do?

If you care about Mick’s family and hate Xavier, call Father Graham’s office (513) 745-3502) and let him know you’d like to see an apology issued and those kids held accountable. Tweet Chris Mack at @CoachChrisMack, email him at or give him a call 513.745.3417 and let him know being a decent human isn’t an extraordinary concept.

Xavier students posted this sign, if you know who they are slide into the DM’s and let us know who it was.

This rivalry should be fun. It’s ok to hate one another but bringing deceased mother’s into it is excessive. Unfortunately, Xavier fans have removed the civility from this rivalry thanks to their school allowing it to happen.

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