Chris Mack Lied, Lance Stephenson Never Called Him The N-Word

After Saturday’s Crosstown Shootout Xavier Coach Chris Mack tried to spin his player’s behavior into the behavior of a Cincinnati player, from 2009. Mack wasn’t interested in talking about JP Macura’s behavior toward Mick Cronin and the things that he said. Instead, he wanted to talk about Lance Stephenson.

During and after this year’s Crosstown Shootout JP Macura told Mick Cronin to “fuck off” at leas three times and to “suck his dick” once. Both declined to shake hands postgame before Macura ran his mouth again. While Mack refuses to control his players Mick was having none of it. That started a debate on the if a coach should say anything to an opposing player. It also raised the question once again, does Chris Mack have control of his team?

Instead of answering the questions and being a professional Mack took a different path. He decided to bring up Lance Stephenson from 7 years ago. Mack said Stephenson called him the “n-word.” Seven years after that game Mack decided this weekend was the time to bring it up. Why? Because he wanted to deflect off the fact he should have been answering some tough questions. Mainly, how can you condone this type of behavior?

As soon as Mack said that in his presser he looked weak. He sounded like a child and we immediately knew it was a blatant lie. Sunday afternoon we got our confirmation that it was a lie.

“I probably said something else negative,” the Indiana Pacers forward said,”but I definitely didn’t call him that.” Stephenson spoke with the Indianapolis Star who actually reached out for a quote. You know, like an actual news source would do.

Everyone from Cincinnati knew he was lying. Mick Cronin would never condone that kind of behavior. Lance would have been suspended if he called an opposing coach the n-word. Unlike Mack, Cronin wants his players to be respectful and would never put up with that behavior.

Chris Mack lied. He lied to deflect the questions as to why he is a spineless coach when it comes to discipline and behavior. There’s a reason Xavier leads the two basketball teams in Cincinnati in police incidents. Mack and Father Graham have a proven track record when it comes to disciplinary actions. They refuse to admit they’re ever at fault and hide behind the guild of being wholesome Catholics.

Mack lied. In my opinion, Mack lied. Stephenson is more credible.

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  1. Chris Partridge says:

    You are quit possibly the most delusional, incompetent, irrelevant, halfwit I’ve ever encountered. Your practice in futility at writing, which could easily be matched by an eight grader, is not even the worst of it. You are a stubborn, recalcitrant, imbecile whose optics on an issue are completely singular in nature. You have not the talent or the willingness to view an issue from all angles, or have the ability to utilize transference of perspective, an absolute must to ever become a writer. As for your foolish ramblings, Lance Stephenson was considered the biggest thug, carrying the most baggage coming out of high school. If he wasn’t close to being a full fledged psychopath, he would have headed straight for a blue blood school. UC was only able to get him as no one else would touch him. Look it up chump. To say he has more credibility than Mack, and you believe Stephenson over him, shows what an unbelievably ignorant little simpleton you actually are. Facts; Cronin went after X players from the bench the whole game. Fact; Cronin was given a technical connected to the aforementioned. Fact; Cronin, in the handshake line, said to Macura “you want a piece mother fucker”. Fact; Cronin went after Macura and had to be restrained, and escorted off the court. Fact; Cronin embarrassed himself, his team, and the University with that pathetic and immature press conference, showing everyone what an insecure little troll he is to let a 21 year old kid get under his skin.

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