Cincinnati Enquirer Used An SMU Student To Cover The Bearcats V. SMU On Sunday

CityBeat– Not in attendance? The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cincinnati’s daily newspaper of record — which touts its sports coverage as No. 1 in the Cincinnati and Kentucky area — paid an SMU student journalist to cover the game instead of sending a staff reporter to Dallas. Perhaps stringer Patrick Engel was busy with his regular reporting gigs, with’s SMU fan site and the SMU Daily Campus, because it took nearly five hours after the game ended to find his story published on The photo of head coach Mick Cronin accompanying the story was taken during a home game earlier this season.

Bailing on the SMU trip leaves The Enquirer 0-for-4 in covering UC road games against ranked opponents this season, a marked departure from past years when beat reporters for UC and Xavier basketball rarely missed a road trip.

In this case, according to Enquirer sports editor Jason Hoffman, regular UC beat reporter Tom Groeschen missed the trip because of a personal commitment.

“I’m sure you understand that things come up and employees need to have time off to attend to personal commitments. There is absolutely no change in staffing for any of our beats.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer is dying, we’ve known that for awhile but their coverage of Cincinnati basketball this season has been absolute garbage. As CityBeat points out The Enquirer is now 0-4 when the Bearcats travel for big road games. How The Enquirer missed the Bearcats game at Iowa State is ridiculous considering both teams had high early season aspirations and the Bearcats ended Iowa State’s home winning streak. They skipped the tournament in Connecticut where the Bearcats played a ranked URI team and should have played Duke. They skipped the Butler game, a mere 90 minutes from their office and now they miss the biggest conference game of the year for the Bearcats.

Who covered the game? An SMU student. An SMU student covered the Bearcats game against SMU and did it without bias. It’s ok to lol real quick, I’ll see you in the next paragraph.

A kid who writes for the Dallas Morning News covered the Bearcats this weekend because well, no on from The Enquirer could be bothered. Tom Groschen had a personal commitment, that’s perfectly ok. The Enquirer though employs more people than just Tom, I know they do, they exist. Couldn’t send them though, why would you? Only the #11 team in the country.

Everyone knows The Enquirer doesn’t like to cover The University of Cincinnati in a positive light. It’s fact, for some reason there is a massive vendetta against the Bearcats from the city’s only remaining newspaper. Xavier gets all the favorable coverage in the world, The Enquirer travels to their road games, they went to Butler to cover Xavier’s game there. Can’t do the same for Cincinnati.

Then to have an SMU student and presumably an SMU fan cover the game for you. That’s just dirty, that’s being bad at your job. You could have at least had one of your writers cover it remotely. At least then you could have a pro Cincinnati spin on things and have gotten it up in a timely manner. Five hours after the game? We had a reaction up quicker than that.

Unfortunately for this city we have a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. Not that the television media is that much better, WCPO travels to Xavier games, Fox19 does Xavier postgame (part of that is the Fox deal) but still.

An SMU student? Be better Enquirer, stop giving us things to point and laugh at you about. Only people going to for Bearcats news anymore are the old timers. Down The Drive, Oh Varsity, Bearcats Sports Radio, Ohio Sports Radio, and this blog do a far better job covering the Bearcats.

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