Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley Celebrates Cop Killer, Whoops

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has come under fire for being rude, mean and a bit of a dick at times. He has tough battle with Yvette Simpson slated for this fall’s primary and Thursday he really shot himself in the foot. Mayor Cranley signed off on a proclamation that celebrated the life and foundation of a cop killer.

Last year Trepierre Hummons shot and killed Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim after calling for the police to look for a suspicious man in his neighborhood.¬†Hummons father wanted to honor his piece of shit son and bring awareness to mental illness by having a day dedicated to his son. First off the fucking balls on that guy to even send in the request. Key piece of advice, if your kid kills a cop don’t request a day to honor him in the city he killed the cop.

Much to everyone’s surprise though Mayor Cranley signed off on proclamation for “Tre Day.” Now he’s going to say it was stamped and not signed by him. Anyone with eyes can look at that paper and see that’s a physical signature on the paper. That’s no stamp, Mayor. And that’s where the WHOOPS comes into play.

Cranley backtracked like a motherfucker last night. To his credit he went to the podium to face the fire and took the blame for it. That’s what leaders do and even if it wasn’t his mistake he still took blame for it. Just not a good look at all and certainly something the Simpson campaign will use against him during campaign season.

There is also some talk that Councilman Wendell Young passed this on to the Cranley office in an effort to make the Mayor look bad. Young to his credit said the proclamation didn’t originate from his office. Cincinnati politics is a disgusting place in all honesty. All council members were using this to their advantage last night. Chris Seelbach was pandering for retweets and favorites. Streetcar advocate Derek Baumann blasted the Mayor’s office. If it’s an honest mistake then it’s unfortunate. To use a dead police officer for your political advantage is pretty disgusting.

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