Are You Committing To The Bearcats? Use These Pictures Of Nippert

Whenever a new recruit commits to the University of Cincinnati 99 times out of a 100 they will tweet out a picture of old Nippert Stadium. The old press box will inevitably be in their pictures and these kids have no clue. Which is perplexing considering they’ve likely seen a Bearcats games and a fair amount of these kids have been to the stadium. Doesn’t stop them from tweeting out this picture;


That’s a great picture of old Nippert Stadium during the Purdue game and the first of the Tuberville Era. Great picture, hotter than the devil’s dick that day but a really solid crowd. Nippert looks tiny in that picture, the new addition is massive and looks way better.


Google is a powerful tool with a ridiculous algorithm that is almost impossible to change or make headway with. These kids search Bearcats football or Nippert Stadium and they get that old picture. So we decided to do god’s work for these kids. Below are seven pictures recruits should use. You have renovated Nippert in all it’s glory. Also pictures of players running out of the tunnel and through that ridiculous smoke arc thing. Recruits love to tweet out pictures. Use these.

Blessed to receive an offer from the University of Cincinnatti Cincinnati

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