CvE Top 25 Poll: 2/12 Villanova Falters, Cincinnati Rises, Poor Purdue

This. Is. CvE’s. Top. 25. Poll.

*Dramatic music*

No research went into this poll. However it is more accurate than anything Seth Davis has put out in the last 3 years. Jon Rothestein has a movie reference for how great this poll his. Two Ice Mountain waters were consumed in the making of this poll including two Nature Valley peanut bars. Shoutout me for having a strong immune system and not being allergic to Jimmy Carter’s favortie crop.

Here’s the poll:

  1. Michigan State – By default, they also beat Purdue. Don’t forget Tom Izzo allegedly covered up sexual assaults.
  2. Villanova – Lost to St. John’s at home but Pat Brennan said this is the best Big East since ’85
  3. Xavier – A 25 point loss to Villanova makes it impossible to put them ahead of Nova
  4. Cincinnati – While probably better than Xavier at the moment, we’ll still honor the head to head like we did above
  5. Virginia – A one point loss to VaTech sucks but whatever. Still has great defense.
  6. Texas Tech – Know absolutely nothing about them but they live in Lubbock so poor them.
  7. Gonzaga – Beat St. Mary’s the only other good team in the WCC so good for them?
  8. Ohio State – Also beat Purdue so welcome to the Top 10.
  9. Purdue – Got beat up but they’re still a top 10 team
  10. Rhode Island – really hate their head coaches face
  11. Duke – Some white dad is mad they’re outside the Top 10
  12. Clemson – They got held to 36 by Virginia earlier this year but they can be 12, sure.
  13. Wichita State – Cincinnati v. Wichita is coming up this weekend.
  14. Auburn – We need to stop acting like the SEC is good
  15. St. Mary’s – A loss to Gonzaga at home stinks but they’re still alive.
  16. Kansas – This Kansas team stinks. Remember they only have 1 National Title in the last 30 years despite being “Kansas”
  17. Arizona – Much like the tea they’re overrated.
  18. North Carolina – They beat Duke that one time so there’s that.
  19. VaTech – Wins over Virginia and North Carolina are pretty decent.
  20. West Virginia- Press Virginia gave up 88 at home. But Bob Huggins though… *eye roll emoji*
  21. Tennessee –  Got smoked liked some back woods hash by Alabama
  22. Nevada – Good for them. Absoltuely no clue how they’ve done but good for them
  23. Alabama- Most dangerous team in the SEC no one pays attention to
  24. Houston- Cougs are playing strong. Cincinnati comes to town on Thursday
  25. Middle Tennessee State- Enough with Oklahoma and other underachievers. MTSU.

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