What If The Cyclones Moved To The Renovated Fifth Third Arena?

Someone on Twitter raised this though the other day. What if the Cincinnati Cyclones moved to the renovated Fifth Third Arena in 2018? It would be a great move for the ECHL franchise and one that could potentially make them way more popular in the city.

There has been a lot of talk recently about ¬†how awful US Bank Area is, and it truly is a terrible arena. Their only permanent tenant happens to be the Cyclones. A franchise that has won 2 Kelly Cups in the last 8 years, they’re always a ECHL playoff stalwart. A successful team deserves to play in a nice arena, in front of a quality crowd. Don’t get me wrong the Cyclones have some diehard fans but the casual fan generally doesn’t make it out for a game.

We might have a solution though!

Fifth Third Arena is being renovated to be a state of the art arena with 12,000 seats, beautiful suites and a world class facility. Guess what the Cyclones don’t have? A world class facility to call home because like we said, US Bank Arena is a toilet bowl. So why not invite the Cyclones up to Clifton and have them play inside Fifth Third when the Bearcats are out of town?

The University of Cincinnati could treat the Cyclones like FC Cincinnati, share the facility with them as a tenant. FCC gets to use Nippert and from that they reap the benefits of thousands of students coming to their games. The Cyclones could do the same thing, they could easily play in front of a couple thousand people every game. FCC games are packed thanks to students and young alumni, the Cyclones could take advantage of that.

Hockey is super underrated as a sport, immensely entertaining and minor league hockey might be the best bang for your buck in sports. College kids would fall in love with that, throw a $1 beer night in there and holy shit, Cyclones games would be as the kids say “lit.”

Move out of that dumpster that is US Bank Arena and move into a place that would actually appreciate you. Emulate what FCC has done, use college kids to your advantage. Use young alums to your advantage. Hockey is an underserved sport in this country, appeal to the youth, do what soccer is doing. Except hockey is exponentially more exciting.

Having said all that, highly unlikely that a rink would fit in new Fifth Third but it’s cool to dream.

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