Did You Know The Reds Have An Official Song?

Did you know the Cincinnati Reds have a fight song? Hooray For The Cincinnati Reds.

Yeah absolutely no one outside of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and maybe one old guy left from the 1997 team even know about this song. Lived here my entire life, never heard this song until the other day. That’s 20 years after it came out! Like discovering the National Anthem in 1834 and wondering where this has been your whole life. Actually it probably took 20 years for people out west to hear that. Might of had it on vinyl but really you had to wait for some schmuck to come around and sing it for you. Town to town, gather around we have the national anthem of these here United States.

Hooray for the Cincinnati Reds, The First Team In The History Of Baseball

Listen the song is what it is. Nothing spectacular and sounds like a general orchestra song. A billion instruments and it’s damn near impossible to hear what they’re saying. Maybe it’s just my brain but after the start of the song I can’t make out any other word. Lack of concentration or my ears just suck at deciphering a 100 people trying to sing at once. Did hear they worked in some players which is cool and the Ohio river, less cool.

Maybe it’s time to create a new fight song. Maybe the Reds social team should do that to get fans in the stands. Like FC Cincinnati has songs and they suck. People show up to cheer, sing and drink beer. The Reds could make chants, they have beer and they’re winning games.


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