Domata Peko Throwing Shade At Bengals Is The Funniest Thing



Former Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle and now Denver Broncos player, Domata Peko threw some shade at his former team and organization with a quote that had me so weak when I saw it on twitter on Tuesday.

LOLOL, timeout over her. Peko, you were one of the good guys on the team and I never had a problem with you but this quote is pretty wack if you ask me. You were part of this team and one of the captains on the defense. So you are trying to tell me that every time y’all will comeback for training the camp the goal wasn’t championship but winning a playoff win which he isn’t wrong but don’t get it twisted just cause you in Denver doesn’t mean you have the championship DNA, you first have to win a playoff game which the Broncos have high chance than the Bengals. I feel like any team can win a playoff game other than the Bengals.

Can’t wait til these teams play each other in Denver.

Until then, have fun in Denver, Peko.

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