Even In The Final AP Top 25 UCF Still Got The Shaft

When the confetti stopped falling inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Dawgs fans stepped off the ledge Monday night the final AP Top 25 poll came out.

As expected Alabama finished the season at #1, but not unanimous. Naturally undefeated UCF had to be #2. Oh, Georgia was, ok that makes sense they played in the National Championship game. They have to be #3, well Oklahoma is there. #4 isn’t a bad place to finish, you can build off #4 but Dabo is sitting there eating Pizza with the Clemson Tigers. Ok, #5 isn’t bad, Top 5 in the country is a great recruiting tool and the best team in Florida. OHIO STATE IS #5?!

UCF finally makes their appearance in the final poll at #6. Somehow the Knights are only viewed as the 6th best team in the country even though they beat Auburn who beat the two teams that played in the National Championship. UCF beat 4 Top 25 teams in 2017/2018.

Ohio State also had 4 wins over Top 25 teams. Same for Oklahoma. Neither beat Auburn thus then meaning both should be ranked under UCF.

UCF Head Coach Scott Frost said he believes it was a systematic effort by the committee to keep his team out of the playoff. He isn’t wrong and those comments combined with calling themselves the National Champions was reflected by the AP voters.

There were 4 AP voters that voted UCF as the #1 team in the country. Are they number 1? Not sure but they deserved to be in the playoff without a doubt.

Unfortunately as the wise Seth Davis once said on Twitter before getting triggered “that’s life in the American.”

That’s such an easy excuse, a cop-out for people who refuse to watch anything outside of the Power 5. It’s a poor excuse but as one AP voters told us yesterday the poll doesn’t matter. So fuck it, congrats on the natty UCF!

As every unoriginal dolt on Twitter has said, UCF v. Alabama in a cornfield outside of BMS to settle this once and for all.

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