The Fan Who Threw A Shirt At Andy Dalton Should Banned From PBS For Life


Sometimes I can’t stand sports fans.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton had a bad game in the season opener debacle against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Dalton had 5 turnovers, 4 interceptions and one lost fumble. He was bad but the rest of the team wasn’t any better but it all starts with the signal caller. Doesn’t help that the offensive line was letting anyone in like that one girl in high school.

Bengals fans have every right to get it Dalton but my gosh let’s take it to the another level of low.

That fan is the ultimate dickhead and should be banned from attending Bengals game in the future. Andy is like the nicest person ever and the criticism and hate he gets is very dumbfounding to me. He’s a good solid quarterback and even though I’m not supporting this team right now because of Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis, I will always defend AD. Been a big supporter of him since he got drafted. Don’t tell me AJ McCarron can do better, if you think so then you don’t know anything about football.

We want Carson back? GTFOH. Dalton>Palmer.

Get this guy’s name.

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