Favorite Bearcats Sports Blog/Website And Go…


Yo, don’t choose Cincinnati vs Everyone because we are the worst lol, alright, there. Actually, I’ll take us over the “market leader.”

So I was on twitter the other night and I was just looking on there see stuff about Bearcats football recruiting information and stuff and it made me raise the question what are y’all favorite UC sports blog/website to go to for everything or just for a good laugh.

Here’s mine and this is not in order:

BearcatsSportsradio.com: Good people

OhVarsity!: Spencer is a goon but he knows his stuff.

GoBearcats.com: Because its has everything and good people on there as well.

CincyOnTheProwl: Another great site.

I am missing anyone? Anybody that has a Bearcats blog or are starting one, I’ll take y’all over the “market leader” any day of the week.

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  1. I’m going with Bearcat Journal. I followed the free sites for 5-6 years (Bearcat news), which was okay, but had average amount of information and was mostly reactionary. This year I joined Bearcat Journal, not knowing if it was worth the cost or not. I never expected to have as much information to read as I do in there, and I’m very happy with the amount of write ups. There’s also a lot more interaction and input from the members. You get what you pay for though, free sites are good, but they’re free for a reason. Free kept me satisfied for awhile until I wanted to know more about recruiting news.

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