FC Cincinnati Sold Out The US Open Cup, Aftermarket Prices Are Teaching Everyone Economics

FC Cincinnati has sold out Nippert Stadium for their US Open Cup game against the New York Red Bulls next week. Huge accomplishment to get 35k into the stadium for a soccer game on the eve of college football starting. Selling out a stadium is every teams dream and every fans nightmare. Sold out means no more face value prices, it also means there are more people who want tickets than have tickets. Insert Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand

The amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.
FC Cincinnati fans are very despondent with what they’re seeing on the secondary market. Mainly because tickets are double, triple, and in instances four times the price of the face value of their ticket. StubHub is the go to for most people looking for tickets (seat geek is better). If you check out StubHub this is what you’ll see right now.
The secondary market is asking for $70 for a general admission ticket. Those tickets for for $10 typically from the team website. Now they’re $70 because the demand is so high the market is dictating that is what the selling price can be. Yeah it sucks but this is what happens. Not entirely sure why FC Cincinnati fans are shocked by this? Definitely going to spark some “capitalism sucks” tweets though *sent from iPhone*.
Life isn’t fair and sometimes you have to pony up some cash to attend a game if you want to. FC Cincinnati fans solution to this problem was to build a stadium with more seats. An incredibly stupid solution to the problem further exemplifying they don’t understand economics. Soccer fans are supposed to be intelligent but damn, read a text book for me one time.
Ps. Congrats to the club on selling out that fast, well done. Even though they threw so much shade at us, but they read the blog so, sup?
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