FC Cincinnati Will Ruin The West End

Speaking from a clearly outsider’s perspective like everyone else. The West End doesn’t need FCC’s circus.¬†

When FC Cincinnati announced their potential stadium sites what seems like years ago, the West End location was certainly the most appealing.

An urban stadium located directly west of FCC mainstay Over The Rhine seemed like a match made in heaven. Plenty of bars, restaurants and parking for the 20k+ fans that would attend games. What isn’t to like about that idea?

A lot of things, actually.

At first thought everyone wants to talk about how a stadium and entertainment district will help improve the West End as a neighborhood. How an influx of new money, development and renovation would be great for the neighborhood. Except it wouldn’t be great, it’d be the opposite of that.

Neighborhoods like the West End serve a purpose in a city. They offer affordable housing, a tight knit community and a place that generations have raised their kids. Places like the West End are dwindling in Cincinnati as neighborhood by neighborhood is being gentrified and affordable housing is becoming harder to find than Bearcats coverage on the local news.

Old neighborhoods need to exist in cities and they serve a purpose. There has been a systematic effort to push low income households out of downtonw neighborhoods. ¬†While it’s great OTR and The Banks residents have high paying jobs, degrees and a sweet cube to sit at, there are still other jobs that need to be filled.

Cincinnati wasted $187M on a failed streetcar to service essentially white people in OTR. Instead of funding an actual public transportation solution the city coward to a streetcar system to appease neighborhood transplants. With a proper public transportation system residents in outlying neighborhoods would have a better chance at landing a job downtown.

That’s where the West End comes in, it is one of the few remaining neighborhoods with direct access to downtown that doesn’t require a bus. A bus that will likely not be on time or will require 3 transfers to get from some where far on the west side where housing is affordable.

Gentrifying the West End will force out the people who are willing to work jobs the current residents of OTR refuse to. That’s why neighborhoods like the West End matter. They help a city run, they keep things moving. They’re decent people, working solid jobs, just trying to provide for their families. Instead the city is driving neighborhoods of people out. They did it in OTR a decade ago, they’re doing it now in the West End. What’s really unfortunate is a lot of displaced OTR residents ended up in the West End.

FCC wants you to beleive that they will build affordable housing to go along with a soccer stadium none of the current residents will use. Unfortuantely affordable housing will likely still be too high for the neighborhood. Does anyone really think a billionaire soccer team owner wants low income families living around his $200M stadium? Come on now.

Don’t beleive the lies Jeff Berding is trying to sell. A brand new stadium is great, displacing residents and forcing them out with high rent costs is a terrible idea. Just build it in Newport, unless they don’t want it either at which point congrats to Sacramento!

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