Fifth Third Arena Is Getting Gutted, Here Are Some Pics And Videos

Shoutout to whoever sent these videos into Bearcat Snaps. If you don’t follow them on Snapchat, maybe go and do that. Don’t open that shit at work though. Someone on the construction crew sent in some videos of what the inside of Fifth Third Arena looks like. Safe to say the gutting process is in full effect.

Lower Bowl Going Bye Bye

Hey man, I sat there for graduation and just like that it’s being torn out. Hope they sell some of the seats from that area, the school could definitely make some cash off those. Just looks like they’re destroying things as they go when you look at that. A normal person would start at one end and work to the other. Nope at Cincinnati we engineer better.

All the bleachers are gone! Mike Bohn, I’m going to need section 202, row 19, seats 15,14 and 13 to be delivered to my house so Jesse has something to sit on. The upper deck looks weird without anything but concrete though, the whole place looks strange without any signage or seats. But you have to tear it all down for a big comeback.

Just trashed everything on this side of the arena. They even destroyed the floor, look that thing. Just big splinters everywhere. An I-Beam is on the ground! Where the hell did an I-beam come from? Need answers from the construction crew because that looks like piece of the roof.

Hopefully this batman of the shoe renovations keeps providing videos of the renovation as it continues or at least until the school starts providing pictures and details of it.

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UPDATE: We now have the videos




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