Former Ohio State Player Adolphus Washington Arrested In Cincinnati

Cincinnati– According to a Sharonville police report, Washington around 10 p.m. Sunday “reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle; just feet away from officers. The suspect did not inform officers beforehand.”

At the time of the arrest, police were clearing out a crowd from the park’s parking lot, the police report says.

Former Ohio State star Adolphus Washington is not a smart man. Casually brandishing a gun in a crowded parking lot with the police around and a less than stellar water park. Washington is now with the Bills but apparently spends his offseason in his native Cincinnati.

You have to be dumb to pull a gun with the cops around. Were talking Suge Knight dumb, TI on his way to the BET Awards dumb. Add Adolphus Washington to the long list of NFL players who don’t know how to properly handle a gun. Are you truly a mid level NFL player if you don’t get picked up on a gun charge at some point? Like a soccer player getting the standard soccer bro haircut. Or a minor league baseball player being gay and calling it hazing. It’s a rite of passage, the Skull and Bones society of mid level NFL players.

What is Adolphus even doing at Splash Park aka Coco Bay aka poor people shit. No offense if you’re a patron of the water park I’m sure it’s a fine establishment for what it is. But it’s a public water park which means you’re sharing water with other people who are inherently disgusting. You wouldn’t get in the same bath water as a stranger yet you hop in a pool some five year old named Brentley took a piss in. Water parks are home to terrible tattoos and piercings. You’ll know 40% of everyone there’s last name, when a loved one died and what their favorite car, brand or energy drink they consume is.

OHIO STATE Player Adolphus Washington

Back to why this is even being blogged. Some of the Cincinnati media, not The Enquirer for once, felt the need to not mention Washington went to Ohio State. Only that he was a Cincinnati native and plays for the Buffalo Bills. Yet if this was a UC player the headline would read “Former UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI Football Player Arrested On Gun Charges.” Emphasis on University of Cincinnati of course.

Washington now has gun charges and prostitution charges on his record. He was suspended from the Fiesta Bowl while at OSU for soliciting a prostitute for $100. Honestly I always assumed hookers were more expensive, nope. That’s the going rate and sometimes cheaper. Guys, do not do that. Not unless you want to have a nervous wait at the doctors hoping your life isn’t ruined and how you’re going to explain this to your girl. Adolphus Washington, dumb guy.

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