Friendly Reminder That MLB Replay Is Still Shit, Costs Reds

MLB replay has been a colossal failure up to this point and Wednesday night it was on display again. Jose Peraza was sliding into second base last night and was called out. Ok fair enough, bang bang play and the ump missed it. That’s what replay is for, of course there is a backup to make up for human error. Let’s go to the replay.

That picture above is from the replay. Clear daylight in-between glove and leg. Will Smith could fly between that in Independence Day, Tom Cruise thinks that’s the Grand Canyon, Chris Christie can fit through there. You can see it, I can see it. Peraza’s foot is on the bag, safe. Anyone with eyes can see that, Stevie Wonder saw it. (Stevie isn’t blind). HE WAS SAFE. Naturally the umps overturned the call, right?


What the hell is the point of replay if they can’t even get something this easy correct. How can multiple adults sit around and look at it frame by frame and not get it correct? Absurd.

If you search MLB challenge failures on YouTube something interesting happens. There are none. But there are 934 MLB Challenge videos from MLB which show the correct calls. Hmmmm. Interesting. Maybe tidy those things up so it becomes less of a joke. Or not and keep giving everyone something to talk about.

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