Good Things Going Around UC Athletics Lately

We aren’t supposed to have nice things at UC but this week it’s been nothing sort of nice things and more on the way.

Bearcats Head Football coach Luke Fickell landed hometown player Malik Vann from Fairfield High School on Tuesday. Biggest recruit UC has gotten in years or probably ever. Fickell has done work ever since he took the job in December and he’s not done yet. More commitments to made and we are set. Football season can’t come soon enough.

US Bank Arena is going to host first and second round games for the 2022 NCAA Tournament. It’s needs to be renovated, obviously, because it’s a dump but this is big deal and think if UC gets to stay home for the first couple of games even though they’ll be shift to the west coast because you know they will.

UC/UCLA announced on Wednesday that they will play a home and home series starting next season with the Bearcats going to West pavilion and then the Bruins will come to newly renovated 5/3 Arena in 2018. Can’t wait! And there is another opponent even greater that the Men’s Basketball could be playing next season. This is too much but so exciting.

It’s a great time to be a Bearcats fan. More good news on the way.

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