The Guy Who Runs US Bank Arena Is Taking Shots At UC And Their Fans

Report– Ray Harris believes so. He runs U.S. Bank Arena for Nederlander. “We asked them from mid-December until last week to walk us through it,’’ he said. “They opted not to.

“I think they didn’t want to play downtown. We made it really clear we’d do virtually anything for them.’’

Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn disagreed: “It was a transaction with them, not a partnership.’’ Bohn and Harris also disagreed on what constitutes reasonable rent. Harris said U.S. Bank’s ask was “minimal.’’ Bohn said NKU’s ask was far less.

Harris also suggested that “certain factions’’ didn’t want to take UC basketball downtown because fans might see how much nicer it was on the river, and not be happy with the renovations uptown at Fifth Third Arena. “Maybe if they were used to coming downtown, they wouldn’t like their options’’ on campus, Harris said.

Ray Harris is doesn’t know the war that is about to come his way. One man versus the entire Cincinnati Bearcats fan base, poor guy has no clue what a shit storm he caused with his outrageous and in our opinion false statements. I’m not calling Ray Ray a liar but I’m not saying he knows what he is talking about.

US Bank Arena didn’t get the Bearcats business for one year because the arena is a dump, it deserves the same fate as the Cincinnati Gardens. Destruction. It’s a garbage facility that Nederlander refuses to put money into and they now get what they deserve. Nothing.

From what we’ve heard the difference in prices was huge, UC would have been stupid to not take the NKU deal. Mike Bohn has no desire to do business with US Bank after they tried to force UC’s hand two years ago when they announced renovation plans if UC would move there permanently, abandoning Fifth Third Arena. UC ultimately decided to stay on campus and keep 100% of the revenue for themselves. Spring forward to this deal and US Bank apparently wasn’t willing to make it a partnership so UC took their business and fans elsewhere. UC definitely should do what is financially responsible for themselves regardless of if it puts the Bearcats in Cincinnati or Kentucky for a year.

Where Harris really stepped in a pile of dog shit was by suggesting UC officials didn’t want Bearcats fans to come to US Bank and think “wow we really should be playing here and not on campus.” Ray Harris is full of shit. No Bearcats fan would go to US Bank next year, leave and think we need to be there permanently. They would be leaving going “holy shit that was awful. I’m never going back to that 1975 relic.” The concourse is small, dingy and dirty, the bathrooms are not plentiful and pissing in a trash can would be more efficient and in some cases cleaner. The lighting is poor, the seats are old and dusty. Nothing about the arena is particularly nice.

“How much nicer it is on the river and not be happy with the renovations uptown at Fifth Third Arena.”

WHAT?! Ray, what the fuck are you talking about my man. Not be happy with the renovations? Yeah no one is happy with a bowl layout, new seats, new suites, new court, new everything. Everyone is going to hate having a state of the art facility. We’d much rather have to suppress our depression every time we realize the Bearcats play at US Bank arena. The river is nice, immediately west of that shit facility. What options downtown would make us not like uptown? Holy Grail? That’s not enough to come downtown, plenty of places in Clifton to go. Parking? Same thing uptown. Atmosphere? What atmosphere is there in the winter? Shut up Ray Harris.

US Bank Arena is a dead arena, a coffin for memories of the past, a vessel for nothing in the future. The property it sits on is worth more than the building itself, the location is prime for a building that actually matters. The Bearcats will be playing at a state of the art facility at NKU before moving back home to their own state of the art facility. Meanwhile USBA will continue to be state of the art for 1975 or Topeka Kansas, take your pick.

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