Headed To The FC Cincinnati Game? Reminder That The Bailey Doesn’t Do The Wave

ThePride– And, in the bailey, we agree: please stop the wave.  Yes we in the bailey are standing, singing songs, banging drums, and setting off smoke bombs, but everything that happens in the bailey is in reaction to the action of the field.  You’ll hear “We don’t, we don’t, we don’t mess around, HEY!” after every goal or the hilarious Reading Rainbow song after the other team gets a yellow card. Everything is done to support the team on the field, and they appreciate it, a lot.

Now, it’s at this point where I can hear the moaning “wow the bailey thinks they’re better than other fans.” That’s completely false. Nobody is saying they are better than anyone else.  Everyone that buys a ticket is more than happy to enjoy themselves as they see fit, until it starts to ruin the experience for others.  And frankly, as much fun as the wave may be, it is time to acknowledge it’s not the best use of your time or energy.

So here’s my suggestion: sing with us!  There is only 1,700 people in the bailey, that’s not enough to be making noise for all 20,000 of us! So when we start singing, you should too!

The Bailey does not participate in the wave. It’s not because they’re pretentious or think they’re better than everyone else. They just don’t like the wave being done at FC Cincinnati games.

Here’s the real shocker.

For the first time ever, I agree with them.

The wave sucks. It’s the worst thing to do at a game outside of the GABP woo or dressing up like a super fan and trying to become famous for that. The wave is distracting to the players on the field and anyone trying to actually watch the game. It’s generally started by some drunk asshole who doesn’t care about the team or the game one way or another.

Apparently the club is anti-wave too and that’s a movement we can all get behind. Everyone has been at a Reds game when inevitably that drunk asshole goes to the front of the section and tries to get the wave started. You know the guy. “1!, 2!, 3!” then he lifts his hands up as if a supernatural force was pulling him to the heavens and no one followed suit. So he does it again, and again, and again. Finally once he has worn everyone down they buy in just to shut this guy up. Then the wave goes around the stadium and meanwhile everyone is watching the wave and oblivious to the fact a foul ball could hit you in the dome while you’re watching the wave in the outfield.

So no more wave. One great thing about Bearcats football games is the fact the wave never makes an appearance. The last one I can visibly remember happened at the 2013 home opener against Purdue maybe? It was a whiteout game I remember it so it could have been before that. Either way, no waves.

Teaming up with The Bailey on this one. Still think your name sucks and your leaders are lame. We can agree on no wave though.

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