I’m Going To Sit Back And Enjoy This Special Run By Cincinnati Bearcats Men’s Basketball

When head coach Mick Cronin took over as the guy for the Cincinnati Bearcats Men’s Basketball team in 2006, he endured a mess. It was such a significant obstacle for the local Cincinnati native. LaSalle and UC grad. He knew what he was up against but to think that 12 years later he has inherited a top 5 in the country basketball team and had a unit that is Final Four potential.

UC is 22-2 overall this season and 11-0 in the American Athletic Conference. They are riding a 15 game winning streak and are ranked number 6 in the country the highest ranking in the Cronin’ era. This team has it all and yes they haven’t even played their best basketball yet which is a good thing.

In December, they lost to rival Xavier and Flordia in back to back games. The sky was falling because UC fans overact to everything. The defensive intensity has stepped up to another level after the Xavier and its the second-best unit in the country behind Virgina.

The two seniors on the team in Gary Clark and Kyle Washington are realizing this is their last go around, and they are playing on a high level during conference play. Clark is in the running for player of the year in the AAC and Washington is showing a lot of toughness lately, and he knows this is it. Gary will go down as one of the best Bearcats to ever play, and we can’t take Kyle for granted as well.

Jacob Evans has turned it up a notch and is being the aggressive Jake we all want him to be. Evans is a junior and lots of people think he’s going to go to the NBA next season and me being the selfish fan individual I am; I don’t want him to go. He is going to be crucial in the Bearcats run through March because in that month it’s all about your best player getting buckets for you down the stretch and Evans is the guy for UC.

The point guard play has been entertaining with Justin Jenifer and Cane Broome, but the team is winning so no complaints, Jenifer has been starting the games, and Broome has been coming off the bench. A lot of us will play for Mick to start Cane when JJ is not scoring which he has gone a stretch of four games without scoring. I think everyone including myself thought the Cane would be scoring a lot for us but that’s not the case because when he played at Sacred Heart, he was dropping buckets of course, so it’s different going to another school where you aren’t going to have the leeway. Cane’s breakout game is still out there and once he gets it, watch out. Justin just needs to continue to play solid defense, no turnovers and when he has an open three-point shot, shoot it!

Jarron Cumberland’ defense is so much better and is passing the ball well. He struggled in December but when conference play hit he was more aggressive and his shot was getting back. He needs to be on the floor cause he’s a matchup nightmare for defenders cause of his size and speed going to the rim. Another guy on this team that can go off and drops 20 +.

Mick has made it clear that the bench is going to the deciding factor. Tre Scott, Nysier Brooks, Trevor Moore and Keith Williams. They all have gotten better as the season has gone along and they need everything from them.

We can talk about what’s going to happen in March and how this season is going to be judged by that, but I hear to tell you just enjoy this team and the ride they are going to take us.

I tweeted this the other day:

Yeah, playing in the CBI was a big deal back then because it was baby steps to where this program is right now.

Enjoy the team. We will stress once the calendar hits March. Sit back and watch a special group.

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