It’s Embarrassing How Poorly Xavier Pays Chris Mack

USA Today Sports released how much each college basketball head coach is paid and oh man is Xavier robbing Chris Mack.

The list didn’t have many surprises on it, of course Coach K topped the list at $8.98M a year followed by Calipari at $7.99M a year. The biggest surprsie there is how Kentucky got tricked into giving Cal a $30M buyout. UK is an institution of higher learning but they are the dumbest people in college basketball.

Gregg Marshall at Wichita State is the highest non-Power 5 coach on the list coming in 13th. Marshall’s $3.04M salary has to make him the king of Wichita, Kansas and can easily fund rehab for his wife.

Jay Wright is the biggest bargain on the list. The National Championship winning coach only makes $2.58M a year. Dana Altman at Oregon makes more than him. Larry Krystkowiak at Utah makes more than him.

Xavier Is Robbing Chris Mack

We’re a very anti-Xavier blog over here at CvE incase there were still people wondering. When it comes to getting paid though we’re very pro getting paid what you’re worth. This is America and capitalism is king.

Chris Mack checks in at #55 on the list makeing a measly $1.66M a year. Are you kidding me Norwood? You are robbing this man blind. The only reason Xavier is relevant on a national scale is because of this guy. Fox pays a lot of money for Big East rights there is no reason he should be this low on the list. Don’t even say it’s because this is a private school.

Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin makes $2.2M a year and the American’s TV deal is literally paying pennies on the dollar. They robbed stupid Aresco blind when they did the TV deal and Mick still manages to make $600K more than Mack.

Mack has taken his team to Elite 8’s, he has as many National Championships as Mick, he made Xavier relevant and the school refuses to pay him what he is worth. The reason Mack ultimately leaves Xavier is because of his salary and a Power 5 programs ability to give him unlimited resources.

Mack gets paid less than Nebraska’s Tim Miles ($2.25M) and you didn’t even know they played basketball in Nebraska.

It’s unbelievable how underpaid he is and no one in Norwood seems to care.

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