Joey Votto Chirps Jay Bruce After Taking Over As The GABP Home Run King

Joey Votto hit his 136th career home run Monday night at Great American Ball Park. His two home runs put him in sole possession of first place in the GABP home run race surpassing Jay Bruce. Remember Jay Bruce? That scrub that spent his entire career in Cincinnati before being shipped off to the Mets. That guy is in the past, embrace the present.

Even Votto thinks we should forget about Jay. Who cares about Jay Bruce, he’s in the past, he’s a ghost now, bye bye, Jay. This is Joey Votto’s baseball stadium now, no greater player has played in GABP than Joseph Votto. Adam Dunn’s son Jay will never live up to the standard Joey Votto has set.

Votto and Bruce are about as good of friends as you can get. Dare to even say they are best friends. This is what friends do, take jabs at each other and laugh about it. Imagine if Jay wasn’t such a streaky hitter and lived up to the expectations everyone placed on him in 2008? Votto/Bruce back to back would have been so deadly. Nevertheless both seemed to be hot when the other was cold.

In 2010 Votto hit 27 home runs on way to his first NL MVP award. In 2017 he’s already at 30 home runs and is on pace for 43 homers this season and an above .300 BA. The guy is absolutely on fire and may very well be the best player in baseball with Mike Trout. He’s putting in HoF season after HoF season and no one seems to be paying attention. Baseball sucks at promoting their stars and Votto/Trout are prime examples of that.

Ps. Votto was joking about his chirp at Jay Bruce, so was I so take your stupid literal brains and tweet at someone else.

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