Joey Votto Deserves To Win NL MVP

On Monday the finalists for the National League MVP were announced and Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto were among three along side Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton and Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt .

Votto had his best season ever. Its unfortunate his team was trash but that was expected.

He played all 162 games. That in itself should be more points into him winning the MVP trophy. Because the other two missed time due to injury and even tho manager Bryan Price wanted to give Votto a day off and he told him every time if he wanted to take off but he declined and choose to play because he loves the game so much.

2017 stats for Joey:

.320 BA, 36 homeruns, 100 RBI, .454 OBP. .578 SLG. 1.032 OPS

Votto will always be on top of the world when it comes to getting on base. The power numbers were there for him 2017. When he won the award in 2010 he had 32 homeruns. He could have went 0-65 during this season and he would have still lead the NL in on base percentage. Amazing.

Stanton has the long ball advantage over Votto and Goldschmidt. Paul’s team though made the playoffs before getting swept by the L.A. Dodgers in the NLDS. All three are gold glove candidates every season. Votto is the better first baseman in my opinion over Goldschmidt.

The things Votto can do and effect a game is simply amazing. He is the best Reds hitter in franchise hitter and player. Don’t @ us.

Votto should win NL MVP but knowing these slow baseball writers its likely Stanton will win the award because of the homerun ball, SAD!

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