Kentucky Fans Got Triggered By Mick Cronin For No Reason Other Than They’re Stupid

Mick Cronin sent Kentucky’s Big Blue Nation into a tizzy Sunday afternoon. Cincinnati’s head coach mentioned Kentucky, Louisville and Indiana when telling Bearcats fans how nice they have it in Cincinnati. Kentucky fans, known to be rational and understanding creatures handled Cronin’s comments well.

Here is Cronin’s quote:

The Bearcats have 4 losses this season, Cronin wasn’t jabbing Kentucky, Indiana and Louisville for having a combined 32 losses. He was simply trying to show Cincinnati fans how lucky they are to have a team that only has 4 losses. Back to back seasons like this don’t happen often, embrace and celebrate the accomplishment.

For the record Cincinnati has 32 losses over the last 4 years combined. Just pointing that out, don’t threaten to fornicate with my mother, Kentucky fans. You have your own family for that. Cheap joke but if you’ve ever been to the hills it’s abundantly clear that’s what is happening.

Kentucky Fans Got Triggered

Matt Jones, Kentucky Sports Radio grand leader of the walk on fans wrote a clickbait blog about Cronin’s comments and ended it with “Cronin didn’t have to throw shade at Kentucky.” It wasn’t shade you 7th grade haircut reciding hairline idiot. It was a comparison for Cincinnati fans to appreciate what is happening with our basketball team.

If he wanted to throw shade at Kentucky he could have pointed out how the Wildcats have a top 3 class every year and one National Championship to show for it in a decade. One more than Cincinnati  You pay someone that much money, you should win more than what you have.

Kentucky fans are out here acting like the SEC is a basketball power conference. The Bearcats would be in contention to win that conference this season. Everything is relative, with a spot in a power conference the Cats could likely recruit higher profile players, etc. So it’s not easy to compare, however Kentucky fans acting like they’re an elite team this year is laughable. The name on the front doesn’t indicate how good you actually are. Something Kentucky fans seem to forget.

Of course they all point out Mick hasn’t beat Kentucky. Which is fine, but you were supposed to beat Cincinnati. After all the Wildcats were the #1 seed the last time the two teams played. Again though, we’ll look past facts.

I don’t expect Kentucky fans to understand what the word context means, or even the point Cronin was trying to make. When you’re a walk on fan your critical thinking skills tend to lack in comparison to someone who actually attended an upstanding university.

Mick needs to win more in March but he doesn’t pay players, the FBI isn’t snooping around this program and he loses minimal games. The same can’t be said for Kentucky, Louisville or Indiana. If you want talk about something, talk about that.

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