Those Kings Basketball Players Can Fit In Perfectly With Xavier Men’s Basketball Team


If you didn’t hear the news, here’s the story:

A boys basketball team has been kicked out of a Cincinnati-area recreational hoops league for wearing uniforms bearing a sexually suggestive team name on the front and racially objectionable names on the back.

Four weeks into the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League’s season, parents of players on a team from West Clermont, Ohio, saw that the team from Kings Mills, Ohio, against whom their children were playing was named “The Wet Dream Team.” They also noticed that the names on the backs of the high-school-aged boys’ jerseys included phrases like “Knee Grow” and “Coon.”

Okay they won’t be playing in the league anymore but it got me thinking that the players wearing those jerseys are a perfect fit to play basketball at Norwood.

The Xaiver Musketeers are known for a lot of allegations in their program and they have allowed not to be a big deal so when these kids get older and are looking for a college to play ball go to Xavier because this is university that has been on the spotlight for sexual assault cases, weed arrests, racist activities so this school for these boys will be so ideal.

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