Kyle Washington Gave Jacob Evans An All Time Great Nickname

Kyle Washington is the captain of handing out nicknames on this team. He gave Jarron Cumberland the Teddy Graham nickname because he thinks he looks like a teddy graham and he’s not wrong. So what nick name did he give Sophomore Jacob Evans?


Because his hair looks like Otto Rocket from Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power.

Kyle nailed it though. Jacob and Otto have the same hair, the exact same hair. Get Jake a pair or weird glasses and he’ll be Otto. Such a random call back though from Kyle, that guy has more random information in his head than anyone out there. Knows all the mascots in Division 1, probably knows all the state capitals, likely has record books memorized. Also has random Nickelodeon knowledge stashed away too.

Feel really bad for kids these days. Rocket Power was an all time classic, loved that show when I was a little kid hanging out with all my skater friends. Kids watch complete trash now. Rocket Power taught life lessons. Like your uncle tito is probably gay if we wears a skirt, plays a ukulele and never has a lady friend around for 10 seasons. Also never write a check your butt can’t cash. We also learned about Ancient Hawaiians and that fish tacos aren’t that bad. Now kids learn things like spanish and how to be good people.

Love this team though, let’s win tonight to keep this going.

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