List Your Top 5 Hateable Sports Fan Base


So a couple of days ago I stumbled upon a picture of professional sports team logos and it was listed ” Most Annoying Fan Base” and go….

I had a lot of 1B’s and 2B’s.  So I’m going to turn to you all, list your top most hateable fan bases. No idea how the Toronto Blue Jays of all teams made the list. Maybe they are bunch of savages hung up with their Championship series appearances.

Here’s mine (there won’t be no 1B and 2B)

  1. Steelers (what grown adult wave a yellow towel? That should be the cities flag symbol)
  2. UK (Don’t even get me started, worst fan base in college sports)
  3. Ohio State (They are still the worst but getting better? Stop it, Jesse)
  4. Cubs (HATE THIS BASE, FLY THE W? Get out of here with that ish!)
  5. Xavier (LOLOLOL they think they run Cincinnati even though they are from Norwood.)

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