Lots Of Thoughts On UC’s Loss To Xavier In Crosstown Shootout.


Well, that sucked.

Xavier outplayed UC in this game, plain and simple. Musketeers get the better of the Bearcats in this one, 89-76 on Saturday afternoon at Cintas Center in the latest edition of the Crosstown Shootout.

UC falls to 7-1 on the season. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint.

Thoughts on the game:

  • Wont’ talk about the JP and Mick incident. I’ll give my thoughts on that in another blog so be on the lookout for it.
  • Early in the game, Xavier was going to the basket with ease. UC’s defense was so soft. I could have gone to the rim wit no problem. There was absolutely no toughness at all.
  • UC got out-rebounded by Xavier, 44-27. Unacceptable. One of the reasons we lost the game.
  • Everyone in Xavier made a Steph Curry long distance three pointer and Kerem Kanter played like he was the second coming of Shaq.
  • Jacob Evans, Jarron Cumberland and Kyle Washington all combined for ONE point in the first half. That’s not good and its very embarrassing to say the least.
  • Washington is soft when it comes to big games on the road. I don’t get it. He struggles. It’s concerning and I called that he would struggle in this game but I didn’t think he would score 0 points and grab 2 rebounds. I don’t get it and I don’t think we will get it. I would be fine if he doesn’t start.
  • Gary Clark played well, 14 points and 7 rebounds. He missed a couple of shots and free throws and those numbers could have been big.
  • Cumberland had ZERO in the first half but then heated up in the middle of second half and scored 15 points. Need more.
  • Cane Broome came off the bench and provided offensive spark when his team was getting blown off the roofs. He saved them because Xavier could easily been up by 25 or more at half. He had 12 in the first half and finished with 15 points and 5 assists for the game.
  • Evans led UC with 23 points. He caught fire late in the game but it was too late. Need him to be aggressive from the start. I’m hoping this game wakes up and realizes when he is on the team feeds off it.
  • Eliel Nsoseme played really great defense off the bench in the second half when UC was attempting to come back in the game. Once he can develop an offensive game, then we could have something. Encouraged by his play.
  • The defense was the problem today. We had great shots on the offensive end but they weren’t falling early but late in the game of course it was. Not be prepared for this game is the frustrating part.

Moving on, we got a big one against a Top 10 in the Florida Gators next Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. Let’s hope we are better prepared or its going to get ugly.

This is still a good game. We are going to be fine. We needed this wake up call. Played soft and we deserved to lose.

On to the next.

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