Lousiville City Fans Are Upset FC Cincinnati Fans Left Their Stadium In Absolute SHAMBLES

FC Cincinnati took a quick trip down 71 to that dump the kind people of the commonwealth call Louisville, Kentucky. They went into Louisville Slugger Field and took 3 points from those purple haze looking scrubs. Couldn’t complain about the turf being too hot this time.

One bad thing did happen though. FC Cincinnati fans left Louisville Slugger Field in shambles. They left trash everywhere, destroyed seats, lit things on fire, tore down banners like a bunch of communist hooligans on May Day. Absolutely reprehensible behavior from the FCC fans. Just take a look at the destruction below;


Absolutely terrible that FCC is being represented in this way. They’re now the guys and girls (it’s 2017 women can like soccer too) who leave streamers in a baseball stadium that host a minor league soccer team with no future and gets excited with 11,000 people in attendance. That’s who FCC fans are now. The reckless youths who trash stadiums.

It’s going to take weeks to clean up that trash. Heard some rumblings the Louisville Bats may have to postpone a game because of this. Come on guys, you can’t destroy a stadium like that. Relying on the overweight citizens of Louisville to clean up the field is cruel and unusual punishment.

The LouCitySting wants everyone to know proper stadium etiquette and it’s “not ok” to leave a Party City streamer on the field. No no, it’s much more acceptable to be a baby back bitch. He’s the soccer justice warrior, definitely slides into all the¬† one or two hot LouCity fans DMs. HES THE STING, you guys.

“Looked down on.”

Two things real quick, champ. First you prefacing that this is a two part tweet is absurd. Who needs 280 characters to talk about something this meaningless? Second, THIS IS MINOR LEAGUE FUCKING SOCCER. Who gives a damn about any of this. FCC will be in the MLS in the near future, LouCity will likely suffer a slow death and disappear into wikipedia search lore.

Any fan or fan base that acts like they’re the gold standard of fan etiquette can jump off a bridge in St. Louis. Any fan that paints their face up like they’re in KISS and doesn’t think that’s strange is fit for a straight jacket two ways from Sunday. Then to lecture everyone on how to be a fan, fuck out of here Sting. I hate FCC fans but fully support them smoking out opposing teams stadiums and shooting confetti on their field.

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