Luke Fickell Shocks Everyone And Gets A Commitment from Malik Vann

Oh shit. That man Luke Fickell is doing it right now for the Bearcats. Four star defensive end Malik Vann from Fairfield High School has verbally committed to the Bearcats. This is huge, this is gigantic actually. Luke Fickell has restored recruiting in the city and now has kept 2 of the top 6 players home. What he has accomplished in a few short months is nothing short of a Mother Theresa miracle.

Who Is Malik Vann?

Vann is a 4 star defensive end from Fairfield High School in Cincinnati. The 9th best player in the state of Ohio, the 12th best at his position in the country and the 231st best player overall in the country. Vann is currently on the ESPN 300 list as well.

Cincinnati had some stiff competition for Vann’s services. Vann has turned down offers from Alabama, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Iowa, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Wisconsin to name a few. He is now verbally committed to the Cincinnati Bearcats and Luke Fickell.

What Now?

Honestly Luke Fickell is making everyone feel invincible. He’s assembling one of the best recruiting classes in the country after only a few months on the job. Jerrell White helped to recruit Vann and keep him home in Cincinnati. Fickell may be turning the hot bed of Cincinnati recruiting into his own personal sandbox at this point.

The State of Cincinnati is becoming a real thing. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, Luke Fickell wants you. Put a wall up around the Greater Cincinnati area, no one comes in to recruit this area before Luke Fickell gets his chance. Now Ohio State and Notre Dame will always get guys from here but Fickell is going to get some of those guys too. Kentucky, Louisville and Michigan State should be shaking in their loafers right now. Their chances of getting a high 3 or low 4 star recruit from Cincinnati is essentially gone.

All of this recruiting is great if they perform on the field. Fickell is building a monster in Clifton and that monster is still hungry. Who is next?

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